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Would You Make an Excellent Perma-Temp Employee?

There are several types of employment available if you're looking for work. You can seek employment as a part-time worker or a full-time worker; or you can select another option -- a temp worker.

Check your local directory and you might stumble upon a few temp agencies in your local area. These agencies  provide businesses with labor and administrative support on a temporary basis -- daily, weekly, monthly or longer. Temp employees fill-in when a regular employee calls out sick, or if a regular employee is away from the office for an extended period, such as maternity leave.

Some people only consider signing up with a temp agency when they're in between jobs. However, rather than view this type of work as a last resort option, there's a chance that you'll make the perfect permanent temp employee. The truth is, if you do an excellent job on your assignments, the company will send you on additional assignments, at which time your relationship with the temp agency might turn into a nice full-time gig.

Of course, permanent temp work isn't for everyone. Here are three signs that you'll make a great permanent temporary employee.

1. You get Bored Easily and Always Seek new Challenges

If you don't like to stay in one place for too long, or if you get bored easily at work, you may develop a bad habit of job hopping. This might cure your boredom, but job hopping looks bad on a resume. You may be the hardest, most dependable worker, but if you don't have a stable job history, employers may hire another applicant.

On the other hand, being a permanent temp worker offers the best of both worlds. Although you'll have assignments with different companies, you're only employed by the temp agency. Therefore, you only need to list the agency on future resumes. If you stick with the agency long-term, perhaps two or three years, your resume will show that you're able to maintain steady employment -- despite the fact that you bounce from company to company every couple of days or weeks.

2. You're Willing to Learn new Things

As a temporary worker, you may not receive a lot of weighty responsibilities, especially if you only fill-in for one or two days. However, if you fill-in for an employee who's on extended leave, you might learn a lot about the ins and outs of a particular company or position.

I worked with a temp agency for about six months, and during this time, I had assignments in accounting, marketing, human resources and finance. Since these were all long-term gigs -- at least a few weeks -- I learned a lot about each area, and I was able to apply some of my skills on future jobs. 

3. You Prefer Flexibility

As a full-time employee, you're stuck with your employer until you quit. This is how temp work differs. Once you're assigned to a company, you're expected to give the employer 100%. However, you have the freedom to turn down assignments when the agency calls. This is convenient if you need to take a few days off, or if you don't feel like working a particular day. You can work assignments that you find enjoyable; and if a particular assignments isn't working out, notify the agency and they'll assign another person to the company. 

Due to the flexible nature of this work, you may not work every day of the week. Therefore, being a permanent temporary worker might work best if you don't need a full-time salary. 

Would you ever consider a career as a permanent temporary worker? Please comment.

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