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CVS / MAR. 05, 2015
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How to Write a Resume as an Executive Assistant


Obviously there is no one way to write a résumé as you can create a strong résumé that can effectively highlight your key strengths and achievements in a variety of formats. Having said that, the most important thing to remember when writing a résumé, is that you need to promote yourself the right way providing a summary of who you are and what you can offer the company.

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So, if you are looking for an executive assistant job, you need to be  focusing on projecting the skills and knowledge every successful executive assistant possesses. Take a look at what the following tips to help you write a winning executive assistant résumé:

#1 Understand the Role

The first step to getting it right on your résumé is to become fully aware of the key responsibilities of the executive assistant. Since executive assistants are advanced administrative professionals, they mainly work with top-level executives within large companies. On this note, even though their duties are similar to a secretarial role their workload is often heavier and more demanding. Here are some job duties you can refer to on your résumé:

  • Managing day-to-day operations of the office.
  • Organising and maintaining files and records.
  • Planning and scheduling meetings.
  • Providing quality customer service.
  • Arranging travel and training staff members.
  • Managing projects.

#2 Work on your Professional Profile

Every résumé needs a strong introduction. Your professional profile otherwise known as career summary can help you introduce yourself to employers and has the power to grasp their attention instantly! In order to convince employers you are what the right fit, you have to tailor your résumé to match their requirements. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Right down the title of the role you are applying for e.g. Executive Assistant.
  • Create a catchy phrase in which you explain what you do e.g. ‘Making life easier for busy executives’.
  • Explain in a few sentences who you are, writing in the third-person.
  • Refer to years of experience and key areas of expertise that show knowledge in the relevant industry e.g. performing accounting functions, handling HR responsibilities.

#3 Focus on Work Experience

Although a degree in a relevant field is not required for the most jobs, it is often recommended, and it is a good idea to start working towards getting one, if you don’t have the qualification. However, most employers are going to be interested in your employment history over education so make sure you mention this first on your résumé. To be considered a suitable candidate, employers will be asking for at least three years of administrative experience that’s specific to the business’s industry 

#4 Highlight achievements

Even though it’s necessary to refer to previous job duties of the role on your résumé, this is not enough to help employers construct a well-rounded picture of yourself and what you can do. This is exactly where achievements come to play.

Think about what you have done in your previous jobs that have actually made the executive’s job much easier or helped improve the rest of the team’s performance. Just make sure that you are writing in past tense to emphasise the impact you have made. In this way, you are also highlighting your job-related skills, showing that you are a good problem-solver and that you possess excellent organisational skills.

Check out these résumé examples to give you an idea of what you should be aiming for:

Sample 1: focuses on qualifications and work experience.

Sample 2: emphasises candidate’s achievements.

Sample 3: focuses on professional profile and work experience.


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Hopefully, this article has given you the information you need to start constructing your own résumé and start your job search to find the best executive assistant position that meets your needs!

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