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WORKPLACE / AUG. 31, 2015
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How to Write an Apology Letter for Making Mistakes at Work

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WORKPLACE / AUG 07, 2015

An apology is worth its weight in gold because many times apologizing to someone is the first step toward rectifying the situation and making amends. When you make...

businesspeople shaking hands
WORKPLACE / JAN 12, 2015

If you are leaving your current job for another, your current employer may request you to help the company find an equally qualified replacement to ensure a smooth...

WORKPLACE / JUL 25, 2015

In our rush to fame and glory, we can get a little cocky at times. Here is a list of four mistakes that can impact your work life so dramatically, that you literally want...

Star Trek Blame it on me
WORKPLACE / JUL 03, 2015

Owning up to your mistakes is an important part of becoming successful in the workplace. If you don’t know how to take the blame and be responsible for the mistakes you...

WORKPLACE / SEP 01, 2016

Getting your voice heard at work might not be easy, but it is essential if your goal is to get ahead in your career. Here are 5 strategies to help you. Job satisfaction...

women working
WORKPLACE / MAY 31, 2016

It can be difficult to work when your office desk is a total mess. All those random documents, wires, half-eaten sandwiches and dirty cups of tea make it really hard to...

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