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How to Write Great Titles for Blog Posts

Thousands of blog posts get published on a daily basis. As a result, getting people to read your content can be a very arduous task. One of the best ways of grabbing the attention of readers is to use a great title which will arouse their curiosity or interest. For instance, you might have written an article about weight loss. ‘How to Lose Weight’, it is not likely to generate any interest in readers since it is similar to many other titles out there. Take time to consider your target audience and what kind of title is likely to catch their eye.

Here are some guidelines which can help you write effective titles.

1. Make it descriptive

When people read your title, they should immediately know what your blog post is about. Therefore, you need to ensure that your title is as descriptive as possible. You could simply describe a specific point or summarize the contents of your article. For example, you could consider having ‘Lose Weight by Drinking More Water Daily’ or ’10 Steps to Losing Weight Fast’ or ‘Tips for Losing Weight without Exercise’. The more descriptive it is, the more visitors will want to read the entire post.  

2. Make it engaging

Your title should not only be descriptive, but also intriguing and actionable. A good example is a title like ‘How to Get Rich…Without Working Too Hard’. This is an actionable title which shows exactly what your post is about. Many readers are likely to identify with the second part of it, thus encouraging them to read on. Another engaging title would be ‘The Serial Killer’s Guide to Content Marketing’. The phrase ‘serial killer’ adds some eeriness to your post, thus making it intriguing. People will be curious to find out what serial killers have to do with content marketing.

3. Make it misleading

Whenever possible, don’t hesitate to make your title misleading. For instance, if your post is about common mistakes in guest posting, you could have a title like’ How to Write a Guest Post Which Will Never Get Published’. Such a title will make your blog post stand out and thus generate interest.

4. Use keywords

Since people use search engines to find information online, it would be advisable to include relevant keywords in your title. Carry out some research to find out what your prospective readers are looking for. You can use keyword tools such as WordStream, Google Keyword Planner, Bing KeywordResearch Tool or WordTracker to find different variations of search terms.

5. Keep it short

Usually, it is the post title which is visible in search engine results. To ensure that your title appears in full, it should not exceed 70 characters in length. Such a short title will also fit comfortably in a tweet.

One of the best ways of learning how to write great titles is by observing what others are doing. Find some posts that are trending online and study their titles. You can then modify these ideas to come up with great titles for your own blog posts. Good Luck…    

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