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How To Write Viral Articles That People Like Reading

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Let’s put SEO aside for a minute and talk purely about content.

Nowadays, writing has become an essential skill for business owners. The need to promote a website through content in the form of posts, articles, press releases and descriptions all rely on this specific ability.

In the early stages, individuals who start a website are doing most of the task themselves. They find their own images, run their own social media campaigns, and write articles for the blog. Even if you have another writer at your disposal, chances are you still edit the submissions, and update parts of the website in your spare time.

Why is writing so difficult?

If you’re a frustrated writer, you’re not alone. The skill doesn’t come naturally for many people. In order to develop the skill, you need to spend loads of time reading and writing, skills people usually don’t have the motivation for.

Another reason is because the standards for a great article may vary from person to person, target market, audience and country. This means that two articles with different writing styles about the same topic can be correct, but only one will probably make a larger impact.

Statistics say you have to be an expert

Being as detailed as possible has its advantages. By doing this, you are able to churn out more content. You can divide one topic into a mini-series of articles or posts. Next, being extremely informative can make your article unique. There are heaps of generally written, shallow articles out there, because they are easy to write and anyone can do it. Making the extra effort to research and find the right information to apply in a blog post can pay off in the form of traffic and reputation.

Don’t forget to research your target audience

Once you’ve decided on what you want to write about, you need to gather as much information about the topic as possible. No one wants a vaguely written article. You need to sound like an expert. Sometimes, research takes a lot longer than writing the actual post. If you have writer’s block, this is an effective cure.

People always stop at the topic and forget to research their target audience. You need to adjust your writing style to the reader’s mindset. A complicated article about DIY projects, where readers are looking for simplified steps, won’t get much attention.

The power of starting an article

You need to get the ball rolling; and you need to do it fast. What are some of the best ways to start an article? The first way is through a question. Ask a question that you feel your audience has about the topic. Then answer it through the body of the post.

You can also start with a story. It can be controversial, heart-warming, straightforward, hanging, or basically anything that is relevant to what you’re writing about. For those who are better at creative writing, this can be a smoother way of transitioning into the body of the post.

Sometimes you have to work backwards

There is more than one way to write a great article. We all think and perceive things differently; therefore what works for others may not work for you. This also applies to writing. If you can’t dive right into the beginning of the article, then start from the end and work your way up. As long as the end product is still a well-written article, then who’s to say how you did it?

Do you have any tips or tricks you use to write articles that weren’t mentioned here? Your thoughts and comments below please…


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