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Writing a PR Job Advert

Public relations is a section of marketing that involves company branding, reputation and its public image. It is a highly sought after field as many people consider PR to be a glamorous career choice, and usually involves working with clients through support. When hiring employees for a PR position in your company, it is imperative to write a comprehensive overview of the position to ensure that it incorporates all important elements to attract the right level and type of candidates.

When writing a PR job description, recruiters should closely consider the following:

Job Title

The job title of a vacancy is supposed to clearly indicate the requirements of the job. It is the first part of the job advert that will catch the attention of a job seeker therefore you should try to incorporate important information within the title.

For this article, I am using an example of a PR job opening for graduates in London, United Kingdom. When writing the job title for this opening, recruiters should begin with identifying the basic job: PR Officer

To further clarify the nature of the job i.e. it is a graduate level job, recruiters can add this: Entry-Level PR Officer. This will show that the job is only open for fresh graduates or less-experienced individuals who wish to work in PR.

Lastly, including the location in the job title helps recruiters get a boost in search results. By identifying the specific city or country where the job is open, employers are able to appear in search results through different search engines. Using the example above, the final job title would be: Entry-Level PR Officer Opening in London.


The second part of the job vacancy advert is the description. Recruiters should clearly outline the minimum requirements for the job, along with any specific qualification or software the candidate should be familiar with.

Secondly, the job description should provide a basic outline of the candidate’s responsibilities on a daily/monthly basis. Will the candidate have to work on an existing PR strategy or will they be required to devise one? Specify some basics in order to attract those who are able to perform these tasks. It is advised to use important keywords that are associated with PR to ensure that the vacancy appears in search results:

·         PR strategy/integrated marketing plan
·         Manage professional relationships
·         Excellent communication skills
·         Evaluate media outlets
·         Strategic thinker
·         Project management


How to Get a Job in PR (Sarah Stimson)

This comprehensive guide to finding and keeping the job you want will answer these questions and much, much more. How To Get A Job In PR is the essential communications industry primer, which no aspiring PR should do without.

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