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JOB SEARCH / DEC. 27, 2012
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Young People Provided with Jobs

Uzbekistan Girl

 In Uzbekistan, measures accepted under the direction of President Islam Karimov to ensure the employment of the population, especially young people, giving their positive results.

Graduates of professional colleges of Chimbay district began to work in the sewing shop “Elenora”. Girls who have accumulated enough knowledge and skills quickly adapted to the conditions of the shop.

This year, more than a thousand young specialists, graduates of vocational colleges of the district will be employed on the basis of tripartite contracts.

There is a high demand for the graduates of Takhiatosh Energy vocational colleges in the Aral Sea region. This year, dozens of its graduates were provided with job at the thermoelectric power station and water supply enterprises of Takhiatash.

In one of such fairs held in Qonlikul district, over two hundred companies, organizations and farms offered 305 vacancies. According to its results, 265 people were provided with job.

Vacant work places organized in the job fair play an important role in the employment of young people.

Work on the employment of population, especially young people, is continuing consistently in the Aral Sea.



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