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JOB SEARCH / OCT. 08, 2015
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Your Dream Job Is Just 6 Steps Away! Here They Are…

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When it comes to looking for a job, it’s you vs. other candidates...

The moment you start searching for an available vacancy, you are unwillingly putting yourself in a game between yourself and other equally qualified individuals. As a jobseeker, you are well aware of the fact that you need to impress employers in order to convince them to hire you, and you’re doing everything possible to eliminate the competition. But, how can you really stand out from the crown in such a competitive job market? How do you show employers you have what it takes to do the job?

Currently, there are thousands upon thousands of books that advise you on how to get a job but not many give out tangible guidelines on actually making it happen. That’s why over here at CareerAddict we’ve prepared an easy-to-read guide that tells you just about what you need to do to get ahead of the competition, detailing each step you should take to get your next job. I’m talking about our eBook 6 Steps to Landing Your Next Job – your next essential tool to your job hunt.

The 6 Steps Covered in the eBook

  1. Start Your Job Search
  2. Take Advantage of Job Websites
  3. Make Use of Social Media
  4. Create a Great Resume
  5. Perfect Your Cover Letter
  6. Prepare for the Interview

Getting Your Foot in the Door

6 Steps to Landing Your Next Job stresses the importance of having a job search strategy that implements a number of different approaches to job hunting, and it helps jobseekers stay up-to-date with current job market trends. Since the needs of the job market have changed – and so have those of employers’ – jobseekers should learn how to adjust their job search strategy to meet potential employers’ requirements. Now, a multifaceted job search strategy is vital to ensuring you get your foot in the employer’s door.

Considering that the job market has become highly competitive, successful jobseekers are those who take the time to plan ahead and are able to use available resources effectively. As discussed in the eBook, only those who are able to use their creativity to their benefit can differentiate themselves from the crowd and “market themselves” into a job. This, however, requires implementing personal branding and other modern approaches to their job hunting efforts, including social media, online job boards, and networking.

Apart from that, the eBook also provides a handful of useful tips in terms of creating a powerful resume and cover letter as well as vital guidelines to help you succeed at your next job interview. It offers valuable advice and insightful information that correspond to the reality of the world of work to help you increase your chances of getting noticed by potential employers.

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Looking for a job can be a terrifying and extremely stressful experience, but it can be made it easy! This informative guide tells you just how you can go about making job hunting easier and fun, while turning it into an amazing learning experience!

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