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Your Employer May Use You to Find Their Next Recruit…

Hiring a new recruit is often stressful for employers, which is why they turn to experienced recruitment agencies to do the leg work for them. However, in a competitive market where job seekers are so desperate to secure employment they fabricate their skills on their resumes, it can be extremely difficult for even the best recruiters to locate the perfect candidate for your job vacancy. The longer it takes for a recruiter to fill a job for you, the more money and time that is wasted. Because of this, it has become more efficient for employers to bypass the traditional recruitment agency strategy and instead, ask you, their current employees, to assist with the hiring process.

By asking employees to help find the best candidate for the vacancy, employers can save on time, money and will have a credible referee for the candidate. It also stands that if you refer someone for a job, you are vouching for that person and should they turn out to be a bad hire, you will probably get the blame rather than the employer who hired them!

With this in mind, be careful who you refer to your employer. Work and personal life shouldn’t be mixed, and only if you are certain you know of someone who can fill a vacancy at your company should you speak up.

Why are employers using you in their hiring process?

#1 You will have a better understanding of your employers expectations and the type of candidate who would excel in the company’s work environment than any third party recruitment agency could. You can therefore advise on suitable candidates with the knowledge that it could be a perfect match from both sides.

#2 You are able to inform the new recruit of what it is like to work there, meaning that the candidate will be briefed beforehand on what to expect. This lowers the risk of hiring someone, who after a month or so, realizes they do not ‘fit’ in with the company culture.

#3 Employers are all about saving money in today’s market, and of course, through referrals, they will save money on advertising posts. These days, posting a job advert online or offline can be very costly with no real guarantee of finding the right person for the job. Hiring without advertising is therefore an advantage that many employers cannot afford to pass up.

#4 If you have personally referred someone, you are saving your employer valuable time and resources in reviewing hundreds of useless resumes and interviewing candidates who have no real interest in working for the company.

#5 The main advantage for employers when it comes to hiring through referrals is that they can rest assured that they have someone reliable who can vouch for the new recruit before they have even been interviewed for the job! This gives an added confidence for recruiters throughout the hiring process.

Oftentimes, recruiters will make a decision based upon a good interview, but this could be just that – a good interview. Later on down the line, they may later find that the employee is not well suited for the role after all, that they do not have the right attitude for the job. In fact, the number of times an employer realises that their recent hire is the opposite of what they needed in an employee is unbelievable.

By requesting referrals from current staff, they have the added support as the hiring decision is not solely based on their own opinions of the candidate, it becomes balanced between the suggestion of a respected employee and the employer.

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