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Your Level of Job Satisfaction Affects Your Waist Line and Bank Balance

Are you a comfort eater? Do you stock up on junk food for the office knowing you have a stressful day ahead? You are not alone. In fact, a recent survey commissioned by Gaviscon found that a staggering number of UK office workers opt for unhealthy lunches when the stress levels are turned up at work. If you are one of these types then read on...

It appears that job satisfaction is directly linked to your waist line (and bank balance). What’s the connection you ask? Stress! Out of 2,000 British workers who took part in the survey, a huge 77 per cent of respondents admitted that they opted for comfort (junk) food over their usual healthy lunch options when they had a bad day at work. What’s more, this tends to happen on average four times per week whereby an unhealthy meal is opted for over a nutritious one.

Having a difficult day? Here’s a donut!

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This move of turning to junk food when a bad day is had is also costing the average worker £222 per year! That’s a considerable amount when there is little positive outcome from such an expenditure. Not only will junk food provide you with zero energy at work, but it will have a serious impact on your weight and health, especially if you are not blessed with a speedy metabolism.

Results from the survey...

  • Of 2,000 respondents, 50 per cent claimed the eat healthy lunches on days they felt happy and in a positive mood.
  • On stressful days, 54 per cent stated that they opted for junk food such as curries and pizza.
  • The average worker eats fast-food at their desk approximately 38 times per year.
  • 47 per cent of survey respondents claimed their usual lunch meals are typically healthy and made of fresh ingredients.

The results of this survey are not in the least bit surprising. The results of a survey (titled the British Social Attitudes survey, carried out by NatCen Social Research) found that the job satisfaction levels in the UK are particularly low. In fact, only 6 other European countries had a lower job satisfaction rate than the UK. The main reasons thought to be behind the UK’s low job satisfaction score were as follows:

  • Long-hours culture
  • Unpaid overtime
  • 48 per cent of workers take on overtime in a typical week
  • Recession has caused a reduction in ‘job quality;
  • Less interesting work post recession
  • Reduction in pay during the last 3-5 years

With the UK ranking as one of the most dissatisfied countries in Europe in terms of job quality and satisfaction, it is clear to see why the link between increased waistlines is prevalent. It is well documented that the initial sugar rush from eating a chocolate bar or swigging on a can of coca-cola can lift most moods, but this is not going to be a long term solution. If you opt for a cake and cup of tea when things get stressful in the office, it is high time that you took a more proactive approach and learned how to motivate yourself to reach your goals. By learning some basic self motivation tips you will be well on your way to coping with work related stress while avoiding putting on extra weight and denting your wallet!


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