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YouTube Sensation? How to Become a Vlogger

I don’t know if I have been living under a stone for the last 5 years, but I have only just come across ’vlogging’. For those who might be sharing a spot under that stone, vlogging is ’video blogging’ and many vloggers are taking the world by storm with their video blogs.

Let’s take a closer look at "vlogging", how to video blog, tips to success and the most popular trending topics.    

Alfie Deyes 

I came across my first vlogger at work. A vlogger called ’Alfie Deyes’ who runs ’Pointless Blog’ was due to speak at an event looking into social media and social work. Sadly, Alfie was sick and couldn’t attend but it was too late, my intrigue in vlogging was already pique.  

Alfie is a YouTube vlogger with over 2 million YouTube subscribers. If he sends out a tweet, it’s likely to get retweeted, favourited, or both, thousands of time.  

Alfie has a marketer’s dream market - young people, predominantly female. Typically the youth market is a tricky market to catch.  

Alfie and his girlfriend, a fellow blogger, have made a good living out of vlogging. I don’t know about you, but I think the whole concept is brilliant. I like Alfie’s blog too, although my colleagues raise their eyebrows. I think they might be a tad jealous that they didn’t think about vlogging in bright spandex demonstrating yoga poses, before Alfie did.

We are in the office 9-5 and Alfie has his own management team. I think Alfie wins hands down.  

How to Vlog 

Would you like to start a vlog? Why not give it a go? You just need the following to get started: 

  • A camera (on a phone or laptop). The iphone camera is apparently so powerful that even the bbc use it for video footage, so don’t be put off if you only have a camera phone 
  • Basic video editing software (mediamaker for windows users and imovie for mac
  • Access to the internet  
  • An interest that you would like to share  

Steps to Vlog Success  

According to the ’Wiki How’, these steps should be followed to start out as a vlogger 

  • First, name and open up your own YouTube channel 
  • Next, create ten brilliant videos (easy, right?) 
  • Post videos regularly (every day or every other day) 
  • Post one of your videos as a ’video response’ to a popular video 
  • Keep it up - Wiki How suggests 3 or 4 videos every week  
  • Get good at video editing to streamline your video  
  • 3 minutes in length is a good time to aim for according to one vlogger 
  • Be friendly and responsive to your followers comments 

Get Cosy with YouTube

Once you have a few thousand views, you can become a ’YouTube’ partner. This means that you have the option to earn money by allowing advertising at the beginning of a video. You know when you are watching a video and waiting for the annoying ’3 seconds and skip this ad’ to pop up so that you can avoid watching the ad? Well, that short ad inserted at the beginning of vlogs is the bread and butter for most vloggers.  

What to Vlog About? 

There is no end to the subjects that people vlog about. Have a look and see for yourself. There are a lot of people vlogging about make up, for example, but that’s not to say that you can’t have a go and bring something fresh to your audience.  

Others vlog about their day as a mum, tutorials for all sorts of ’how to’ video blogs, personal development vlogs, amateur comedy sketches and...well, you get the idea, anything goes.  

100 Most Watched Vlogs 

You can view the top 100 vloggers who have dedicated fans here, and see why their fans like them so much. There is some real love out there for many vloggers of all shapes, sizes and subjects - 100 Most Watched Vlogs.

What Are You Waiting For? 

Life’s too short to not try something new and go for it. The beauty of video is that you can have as many takes as you like before you go live. 

Make sure it’s good, legal, entertaining and informative, and you could have your own vlogging managing agent like Alfie Deyes.   

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