1 in 5 UK Employees are Fearful of Losing Their Job

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Job confidence is a big deal. It directly impacts job performance, stress levels, overall employment satisfaction. We don’t need research to tell us that there’s no amount of research needed to make that clear.

Glassdoor, an online  jobs and careers community, in collaboration with Harris Interactive, one of the world’s foremost market research firms, recently released their quarterly Harris Poll is reviewing the Employee Confidence of UK employees.

The first financial calendar quarter, Q1 2014, indicates a serious concern by employees in falling into the categories redundancy, and the possibility of losing their job in the near future. Over 2000 full time and part time employees over 16, were polled, and the news is both good and bad.

The Good News

During the last six months, nearly 40% of employees reported company changes in areas of staff, structure, and compensation. Of those who felt good about the changes, 48% benefited by way of new flexible scheduling, casual dress codes, and 38% saw an increase in large scale hiring.

Furthermore, in regards to pay increases, one in three (34%) anticipates receiving one during the upcoming year. Confidence about forthcoming pay boosts were almost twice as high in perspective among men at 42%,  than with women at only 24%.

The results also showed there to be significantly higher optimism regarding future pay increases amongst employees located in the East (43%) and South East (40%) of England, compared to Londoners with only 24%.

The bad News

Of the above 38% who claimed their company recently made changes, 53% said the changes were negative and cause for alarm. Notice was given that some roles, in fact, would be intentionally made unnecessary.  And 29% had their pay or bonuses reduced.

Overall, 21% on average, of employees throughout the regions have redundancy concerns. In other words, one in five believe within six months they are going to lose their job.

There’s Still a Bright Side

Three in ten (30%) employees (including those self-employed and not employed but looking for work) reported feeling optimistic that they could find a job to match their experience and compensation in the next six months if they did in fact lose their current job.

Geographically speaking, across the UK, employees in Wales are more confident comparatively about future job possibilities at 42 %.

As for how UK employees feel about how their company's business performance, one in three, or 34% (including self-employed) believe their company's future is going to improve during the next six months. And more than 50% predict things are at least going to remain business as usual.  





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