10 Unknown Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed

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Check out this list of unusual jobs! These are real jobs, and some of them even offer full-time positions with a generous salary…

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1. Mattress jumper

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Reuben Reynoso is a professional mattress jumper at a handmade mattress factory. Rueben's career path sees him jumping on three mattresses a day to compress the interior materials, making it ready for people to sleep on. Rueben takes his career seriously and takes pride in being a part of the production line. Rueben claims he’s never been asleep on the job, ever.

2. Private jet interior designer

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Jean-Pierre Alfano is the founder and creative director of AirJet Designs - a leading interior design studio that aims to blueprint and polish the inside of jets. The company offers services ranging from design proposals to 3D mock-ups and skilled labour. The sector proves to be extremely niche - an unusual service which targets the truly rich.

3. Water slide tester

waterslide testerShutterstock

The job of a lifetime for one very lucky student - Sebastian Smith - sees him travel the world to visit 20 SplashWorld resorts, where he goes down water slides trying not to have too much fun while getting paid a salary of £20,000! The actual words within Sebastian’s job description include “biggest splash”, “adrenalin factor” and “weggie”. It’s an extremely unique job, but probably the most fun one you can find.

4. Pet masseuse

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Massaging a puppy is now considered an actual job. Animal massage therapists are pet health professionals that are experienced in anatomy, physiology and massage techniques used to improve an animal’s physical well-being. That or they just very passionate about petting! Sadly, professionals within the sector are still trying to prove the muscle and stress relief animals can receive from a massage after going for a walk.   

5. Ice cream tester

ice cream testerShutterstock

Imagine a career where you go to work, and throughout your day you need to taste 35 ice creams and tell people what you think? No, it’s not a dream it’s a real (paid) job, and they are sometimes referred to as food scientists. It is a fun job where you can get paid $60,000 per year - just for eating ice cream!

6. Professional snuggler

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Within a new up and coming sector, companies like The Snuggery hit the market with mission statements such as “Have A Break. Have A Snuggle”, providing people with private snuggling sessions. If your partner doesn’t snuggle properly, or you don’t have a partner and miss a good snuggle… rest assured you can give them a call to enjoy some professional spooning. It’s an unusual job. But someone has to do it.

7. Chocolate taster

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Although it's not a full time job, chocolate testing/tasting is most certainly a real job. The skills requested to apply for the position involve no previous education other than a good sense of taste and smell; According to recruiters being a young female, would be considered an advantage as women under the age of 35 have a better sense of smell. If you truly desire to turn this into a full time career beware that it's not a healthy career and can have a detrimental effect on your arteries.            

8. Panda nanny

panda bearShutterstock

Probably one of the most unknown jobs on this listt is panda nanny. Animal research centres in China advertised positions for “Panda Nannies”, that pay a whopping £19,000 a year! Situated on an island in the Great Barrier Reef the jobs provides free meals, accommodation and a company car. The main duties include keeping them company, having fun with the Pandas and making them feel better if they appear sad. To be honest, it’s hard to imagine a more awesome job.        

9. Cat café owner

cat being petted in a cafeShutterstock

Cat cafés provide visitors with an environment where they can relax with their feline friends. Reservations are now being accepted to sit with cats while enjoying a tea or coffee and they are starting to open all over the world; they even have them in Singapore.             

10. Sex toy tester

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This home based position sees workers earning a salary of over $39,000 per year as a box full of sex toys are delivered for review and approval. The employees try the various gadgets in different obscure positions such as upside down, and then send feedback as to what went wrong.

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Have you ever been tempted by water slide tester job openings or any of the other weird jobs mentioned above? Let us know in the comments section below!


This article was originally published in June 2014.