10 Amusing YouTube Videos to Relieve your Interview Fears and Job Stress

Hours before your all-important interview can be stressful, especially when it is your first experience. Sometimes nerves can make you anxious and forget what you have prepared so well. You could be making critical mistakes and spoiling your chances of being hired if you don’t deal with your fear.  

One great idea to tackle your nerves is to watch an amusing work-related YouTube video just before an interview.  However, YouTube is home to more than 120,000,000 videos and it can be difficult for you to filter the right ones.

Here are 10 hilarious job-related videos that can ease your nerves just before an interview or even after you are back from a long day’s work. They may be short but are powerful enough to give you the much-required motivation.

Video 1 – Dwight’s role in The Office

Regarded as an evergreen television show in the US, The Office is worth mentioning here. Dwight Schrute (a character who plays the role of an employee in a paper company - Dunder-Mifflin), is the highlight of the show. Don’t miss this video and some of its memorable scenes. It could be the perfect solution to kill the butterflies in your tummy just before an interview.

Video 2 – The Great Office War by Runaway Box

There are many annoying things in an office atmosphere that can cause stress. Very few office etiquettes and HR policies offer rightful solutions for such problems.  You will definitely need a stress buster to handle this. The Great Office War can be just that. Produced by Runaway Box, this video was watched more than 9,800,000 times on YouTube.

Video 3 – Silly Job Interview

Monty Python’s Silly Job Interview tops the funniest list of sketch comedy videos ever. This timeless video features Flying Circus, a character who goes though one of the weirdest job interviews ever. The video has all the ingredients to leave you in stitches. Imagine yourself being questioned by an insane interviewer like this one!

Video 4 – Teste’s role as an annoying interview candidate

Edbassmaster is a popular prankster in the YouTube community. With loads of different characters in his kitty, the prankster makes use of them and trolls unsuspecting victims. In this video, Ed introduces his character, Teste who proves to be the worst interview candidate he has come across. Watch this video and you will know it for yourself.

Video 5  - The Printer Scene

The Printer Scene in Office Space is one of the world’s funniest office-life depiction videos. The classic and hilarious printer scene is the highlight of the video. Once again the scene is just the perfect stress-reliever for an interview goer. You may also watch this just after you are back from a long and tiring day in office.

Video 6 – Office Stress Compilations

There is no doubt about the fact that millions of people suffer workplace stress every day. In such cases, it is crucial to have frequent breaks and also divert your mind towards other activities you love doing. Office stress videos show you what happens when stress takes over you. The series of troubles shown in the video is a typical example of what stress can do to you.

job search
job search

Video 7 – LG Interview Prank

Yet another job interview prank, LG Interview Prank video is all you need, to have a big laugh and refreshing time. The video will help you ease your fear and stress before you attend your interview. It can also help you forget your tensions when you are back from office.

Video 8 – Office Linebacker

Reebok created a SuperBowl commercial in 2003. The video is about a linebacker who enforces common workplace laws, something that most workplaces have. Now watch this video to know more. The video can pump you up just before your interview. It is worth watching it over and over again.

Video 9 – Cheating Boss Funny Prank

Another prank video in the list, Cheating Boss Prank is one you shouldn’t miss. Imagine your boss’s mistress drops into your office, just before his wife enters? Will you hide his mischievous acts or reveal his secrets to his wife? This is the confusion that these unsuspecting victims are having in the video.  

Video 10 – Hilarious Interviews

Most questions that come up during interviews are very standard; sometimes they keep repeating. You may try to answer them in ways that stand out, in order to increase your chances of being hired. This piece of video from Heineken depicts interview candidates in unique situations. Such situations help companies identify the true nature of the individual and find the right fit for the job. See the video to understand what this description is all about.

If you have noticed these videos carefully, apart from being funny, they also have a lesson for new job seekers. Hope these videos help you relieve your stress, learn new lessons and perform interviews better. All the Best!



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