10 Best Career Options for Those who Love Stress-free Life

Are you one of those who love to live a stress-free life? In that case you may also be considering a low-stress career. A low-stress career does not always mean low-paying job. There are dozens of jobs that are not only creative but earn descent income for you. And yes, you are more likely to succeed in a feel-at-home job.  

According to the American Institute of Stress, about 40% of job goers find their profession extremely stressful. Remember, a stressful job can reduce your life and they are also associated with many health hazards. Here are few options that are not only less stressful but helps you work in a pleasing environment, pay you well and give you ample opportunities for growth.


1) University Professor

A University professor with a permanent job contract enjoys the least stressful career. With a number of holidays in a year, minimum deadlines and a respectable income , university professors enjoy quite a few perks. Their performances are not evaluated based on standardised test results unlike elementary or secondary school teachers. University Professors can also earn tenures, guaranteeing a lifetime employment.

Qualification: A doctoral degree

Average Pay: $110,488


2)  Jeweler

If you were good in arts and craft during your school days, a jeweler’s profession could interest you. This profession has lots of creativity as it involves cutting precious metals and stones and shaping them into brilliantly-designed jewelry pieces. You might also have to interact with many clients or sometimes, work alone.

Caution: A jeweler’s profession could be a satisfying one for the right individual. However, one must avoid stress and fatigue (caused due to long periods of time spent bending over at work) by using correct and ergonomically safe workbenches.   

Qualification : Requires a professional certification

Average Pay : $37,158


3)  Librarian

20 percent discount
20 percent discount

This is a great option if you like to work in a quiet environment. A librarian’s job is not a perfectly stress-free one. Servicing customers and maintaining a tight budget can be challenging enough. But that will all be taken care of if you love books and the library environment in general. If reading is your passion right from your childhood, then look no further.  

Qualification : A master’s degree

Average Pay : $59,398


4)  Seamstress

This job is not as stressful as the name suggests. Becoming a seamstress or tailor may be the most viable option if you are a creative individual who loves to pay attention to details. People taking up this profession would usually work in a quiet, peaceful and friendly environment with minimum stress. Excellent sewing and tailoring skills along with customer service interest can help you excel in this field. There are several retailer resources online that can help you learn more. Any kind of preparations or knowing what the job demands beforehand can do a world of good for your career.

Qualification: A high school diploma

Average Pay : $110,488


5)  Drill Press operator

Working with heavy machineries may usually be dangerous. However, this position enables operators to function at their own pace and therefore stress level may typically be low. A Drill Press Operator’s job is one of the most demanding one as far as the manufacturing industry is concerned. Obviously, you have to love the sound and smell of machines to take up a career here.

Qualification: A professional certification

Average Pay: $36,196


6)  Dietician

The name explains it all. The primary focus of a dietician is to battle obesity. The profession involves working with patients of different age groups, cutting down their unhealthy habits and recommending specialised diets. This may be based on several factors like the individual’s body condition, body needs and their physical reaction. Though you might have to travel a bit, it is still minimal and the stress level is moderate when you compare some of the other jobs.

Qualification: Bachelor’s degree

Average Pay: $55,875


7)  Audiologist

In the medicine world, an audiologist’s position is considered to be a welcome change. An audiologist is responsible for discovering the degree and nature of hearing disorders. You will typically work with elderly people and will enjoy flexible work timings. You still have to love the hospital environment and must have a caring nature to establish yourself as an audiologist.  

Qualification : doctoral degree

Average pay : $72,559


8)  Medical Records Technician

In the healthcare setup there are several positions behind the scene. Unlike a nurse’s ever-alert role or a doctor’s responsible duty, the part played by a medical records technician is a lot more stress-free. It is important for you to be good at time management, quality focus, productivity and have documentary skills in order to take up this profession.

Qualification : needs a professional certification

Average Pay : $31,407


9)  Mathematicians

It goes without saying that you really have to love the subject in order to take up this job. This position involves conducting research and application of fundamental mathematics and mathematical techniques into management, science and other fields. You will also be the much-required problem solver in any situation that involves mathematical methods.

Qualification: A bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or even a doctorate depending on where you apply.

Average Pay: $101,360


10)   Actuaries

CV Writing Services
CV Writing Services

Is the name new to you? Actuaries generally work in insurance companies and are responsible for managing, evaluating and advising on financial risks. Anyone who is very insightful and loves economics and business would be a good fit for this position. You will also have the opportunity to work in investment banks at a later stage.

Qualification : Bachelor’s degree and in addition few exams for certification

Average Pay : $93,680


Depending on your skills and interest, there are many other positions that are less-stressful like art directors, economists, law teachers, astronomers, political scientists and many more. And why not, when you can earn well doing what you like? So which position is yours?