10 Best Jobs for People Interested in Architecture and Construction


If you’re looking to move up in the field or have just graduated with a bright and shiny degree in architecture, you may not know what the next best step is. So, we’ve gathered together a list of career options you may find of interest. These jobs are some of the most fulfilling and lucrative positions you can find in the world of architecture and construction.

1. Town Planner

There’s so much involved in this job, but typically a town planner is in charge of the development, management and regeneration of cities, towns and villages. As a town planner, you’ll have to consider the opinions and needs of both communities and businesses, as well as obligations regarding preservation and climate change.

2. Building Surveyor

As a building surveyor, your job can be as demanding or as modest as you’d like. You can be involved in the design, maintenance or development process of a property. You’re the person who acts as a consultant when it comes to construction and property; you’re on hand to give professional advice at any stage.

3. Conservation Officer

This job is similar to that of a historic buildings inspector and these two types of professionals often work together on projects. Conservation officers are in charge of caring for or enhancing historic or listed buildings, often located within conservation areas.

4. Lecturer

You could also become a lecturer on the subject at a higher education institution if you’re interested in pursuing a more academic line of work. Teaching methods often vary within the field from lab demonstrations and fieldwork to seminars and tutorials.

5. Landscape Architect

Landscape architects work with vast natural or built-up spaces to plan, design and manage the areas that we occupy. The area could be urban or rural, and you could work on a vast array of projects from designing a park to planning a housing estate.

6. Structural Engineer

These guys ensure that buildings and structures are safe and strong enough to withstand various outside factors. The types of structures you’ll work on are often of great importance and carry the most risks, such as oil rigs, hospitals or bridges.

7. Production Designer

Design and construction teams are vital to the creation of film, theatre and TV sets. They work closely with directors and producers to put together the perfect environment for each setting, including working on locations, props, lighting, and more.

8. Architectural Technologist

Architectural technologists work on the more technical and scientific side of architectural design. They work together with architects to ensure that, as well as being aesthetically pleasing, buildings function and perform properly.

9. Building Control Surveyor

When it comes to constructing offices, housing and various other types of buildings, there must be a building control surveyor involved to ensure that the building meets particular regulations and legislations. This includes elements such as fire safety and accessibility.

10. Planning and Development Surveyor

This is a rather varied role in which professionals make sure land and resources are being used effectively. Taking into account social, economic and environmental factors, planning and development surveyors are in charge of the delivery of sustainable development at every stage.

There are tons of really great roles in this field – all that’s left to do is to decide which one is right for you and to start applying for jobs!




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