10 Best Jobs For People Interested In Business

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the business jobs listed below will have approximately 3 million openings in the next few years. These business jobs range from business operations managers to event planners. In a recent report, they highlighted their top ten list for business related occupations and found that a common theme existed amongst all the jobs—money. The report further related how individuals working in these occupations “determine how we like to spend our money, advertise to get us to splurge with our money and advise us on various ways we should invest and save our money.” This article will list the 10 best jobs for people interested in business.

1. Business Operations Manager


The business operations manager is responsible for strategic decision making for operating a department in a company. The average salary is $114,850 per year and this is one of the best paid jobs in the business field. Many of the high paying positions are located in the northeast in NJ, NY and CT. These individuals are highly adaptive in all situations. They have excellent communication and critical decision-making skills, as well as proficient time management expertise.

2. Financial Advisor


Financial advisors provide guidance regarding legal issues pertaining to investments, taxes and insurance. According to, there is a 27% anticipated growth rate for financial advisors during the next three years. The article also mentioned that this occupation is in the top 10 list due to “low unemployment numbers and an above-average work-life balance.” The median yearly salary is $67,520.

3. Accountant

Accountants have excellent analytical skills and an aptitude for math. In this field, accountants complete audits, taxes and accounts receivables. According to the BLS statistics, their office predicted that there will be more than 166,000 accounting positions opening in the next 8 years. The highest paying accounting jobs are in the NY metropolitan area.

4. Operations Research Analyst

An operations research analyst assists companies and organizations in operating in a more efficient manner. Regarding employment growth predictions, the BLS advised that this field would see a 27% increase in positions by 2022. The highest paying jobs in this field are located in NY, San Diego and Salinas, CA. The average salary is $72,100. According to the BLS, many analysts “work in securities and commodity contracts in the sphere of the financial industry.”

5. Market Research Analyst  

A market research analyst is an individual who studies the habits of consumers. These analysts then create interpretations of those findings and provide reports on the data to their clients. Companies hire market research analysts to assist them in re-packaging, branding and selling products to the specific consumer niche. The BLS has predicted that this field will see a dramatic increase in employment by 31.6% between now and 2022. The median salary in this field is $60,300 and the higher end is $113,500. Many employment opportunities are available in CA through software publishing companies, aerospace manufacturers and the Federal Executive branch of the government.

6. Bookkeeper & Audit Clerk

Bookkeepers and audit clerks generally have a love of numbers, details and excellent organization skills. In the financial sector, regulations have been constricting and the BLS expects over 204,000 new jobs in this field during the next 8 years. The highest paid bookkeeper and audit clerk positions are in San Francisco, San Jose and Napa. The highest salary rate is $54,310.

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7. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are both creative thinkers and excellent business managers. They know how to cultivate the best message that will connect with a companies’ specific consumer niche. Their job is to attract customers to buy a product. A successful marketing manager knows how to take an “unsellable” item and make it a great hit. This position has an extremely high median salary at $119,480. Currently, the best paying jobs for marketing managers are in San Francisco, San Jose and Framingham, MA.

8. Financial Manager

Financial managers are different than financial advisors in that they are in charge of overseeing the financial state of a company or organization. According to the earlier mentioned report, “financial managers face a competitive market, but also a growing one.” The BLS has predicted that this field may see an increase in over 47,000 new employment opportunities. The highest paying salary is $187,199 per year and the best paying jobs in this field are located in NYC, Nassau, NY and San Francisco.

9. Meeting & Event Planner

Meeting and event planners must be creative and extremely organized. They are responsible for planning both large and small events and handling all of the details so that the event comes together without a hitch. These individuals know how to think on their feet and are adept at problem solving. The BLS has predicted that employment opportunities in this field should increase by 33% in the next 8 years. The median annual salary is $45,810 while the lowest recorded is $26,560. Only 10% of salaries in this field average $79,270. The highest paying employment opportunities for meeting and event planners are in Nassau, NY, Bridgeport, CT and Poughkeepsie, NY.

10. Compliance Officer

A compliance officer can work in a variety of industries; however, the basic job principles are the same. These individuals are basically guardians of the law to make sure that business practices are ethical, companies follow the law and meet government regulation requirements. According to the BLS, this field should see an increase in approximately 11,000 new employment opportunities in the next 8 years. The median annual salary is $62,020 and the highest is $97,760. The best paying employment opportunities in this field are in Bridgeport, CT, Framingham, MA and Brunswick, GA

This article detailed the 10 best jobs for people interested in business. There are many new employment opportunities arising for individuals interested in the business field due to constricting financial regulations, new start-ups rising and changes in the consumer market.