10 Celebrities Who Own Amazing Private Islands

Extravagant houses, fancy cars and multiple zeros in the bank; these are just some of the perks of being an A-list celebrity. It turns out another normal part of this luxury life includes being able to say you own an entire island. Here are a few celebrities who have their own, personal slice of tropical heaven.

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1. Eddie Murphy

Rooster Cay  Eddie Murph

One of Hollywood’s funniest men, he probably just laughed as he parted with $15 million dollars to buy himself a private little island in the Bahamas, according to the Daily Beast. When Murphy brought the piece of land called Rooster Cay back in 2007, it was untouched. There are rumours however that the comedian plans to build a resort.

2. Johnny Depp

Little halls Pont Cay  Johnny Depp

It seems Johnny Depp loved the Caribbean so much while shooting his Pirates of the Caribbean series that he decided to get his own island there. The Daily Beast reports that Depp bought the 45-acre island of Little Halls Pond Cay for a whopping $3.6 million. Full of solar-powered homes and fleets of golf buggies, this piece of paradise also pays homage to the late Heath Ledger, containing a body of water called ’Heath’s Place’.

3. Nicolas Cage

Leaf Cay Nicolas Cage

It seems the Bahamas is the place to be, People magazine reports that Nicolas Cage has also purchased an island in the area. For just $3 million, the actor has owned Leaf Cay since in 2006, however this isn’t the actor’s first step into the world of private islands, Cage already owns a house on a place called Paradise Island. Leaf Cay is home to several luxury hotels, which are frequently visited by other rich and famous people.

4. Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson Mago Island

The Braveheart star nabbed himself a 5,400-acre private piece of land for just $17 million dollars, according to the Herald Sun. Located in Fiji, Gibson has turned Mago Island into a place where you can relax on a boutique getaway in one of the many luxury resorts or eco hotels.

5. Leonardo Di Caprio

Blackadore Cay Leonardo DiCaprio

Purchasing a small piece of isolated land called Blackadore Caye in 2005, the secluded paradise is located just next door to the Great Barrier Reef. The Daily Mail reports the Wolf of Wall Street star paid around $1.75 million for the land, and there is speculation that the actor is talking with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in hopes of building a luxury, eco-friendly resort.

6. Sir Richard Branson

Necker Island Richard Branson

In true Richard Branson style, the billionaire owns one of the most expensive private islands around, according to the Daily Beast. Called Necker Island, the 74-acres of land is surrounded by crystal clear waters and pristine white sand. Branson was also the first celebrity private island owner to convert his sanctuary into a resort that can hold up to 24 people.

7. David Copperfield

Musha Cay David Copperfield

Why buy one island when you can have eleven. According to the Daily Beast that’s exactly what magician David Copperfield did, buying up the eleven small pieces of land that make up the Bahamas Musha Cay. It wasn’t long before he turned the 700-acres into a playful resort, featuring various dark passageways through the luscious jungle and hidden drive-in theaters.

8. Ricky Martin

Angra Dos Reis Island Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin purchased his own a piece of luxury in the resort region of Angra Dos Reis in Brazil in 2008. Paying $8 million dollars, according to the Daily Mail, this hefty price tag brought the singer an island with one of the most spectacular beaches found in South America. An added bonus for some, Martin’s island is right next door to a plastic surgery clinic, so you can recover in true style.

9. Celine Dion

Ile Gagnon, Quebec, Canada Celine Dion

Undoubtedly Celine Dion must have enjoyed her large French-style mansion on her private island in Quebec immensely, however according to the Daily Mail she has now put the massive mansion on the market for $29.7 million. Assuming you can spare close to $30 million this could be a very clever buy indeed.

10. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Goat Cay Tima McGraw adn Faith Hill

Two of the biggest names in country music, the pair have taken their domination one step further and put their riches together to purchase a private island called Goat Cay. While no one knows exactly how much they paid for it, the Daily Mail reported that the island is fully developed and features some truly stunning hiking trails and natural beaches.

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For most of us mere mortals, the reality of owning an island is a far away dream. That doesn’t stop us however from taking a vacation, lying on the beach and simply pretending it’s all ours.