10 Cool Places to Take Your Laptop this Summer for Work-from-Homers

summer vacation

Whether you run your own business or simply perform employment tasks that can be done from a remote location, working from home definitely has its share of ups and downs. For most work from home employees, the novelty of being able to slip into a pair of pajamas, plug in, connect and proceed to tackle an eight hour shift (or longer) quickly wears thin. Fortunately, the increasing availability of Wi-Fi in certain areas has made a wide variety of alternative locales available for work from home employees, especially in the summer when it’s nice enough to work outside. Here are 10 cool places to pack up and plug in that are guaranteed to brighten up your workday.

#1 Starbucks Overlooking the Beach

Starbucks is still the top spot to set up a portable office and get down to business but the fact that there are numerous Starbucks shops popping up on local boardwalks means the atmosphere will consist of more than just an awesome iced brew and a semi-quiet work zone. Many boardwalk Starbucks shops have upstairs outdoor seating that looks right over the ocean adding an inspirational backdrop and a spritz of salty air to the usual working from Starbucks experience.

#2 A Local Park

The vast majority of public parks are now equipped with free Wi-Fi. To stay cool and minimize computer screen glare, try leaving in the early morning and claiming a coveted spot beneath a shady tree.

#3 A College Campus

College Campuses are often beautifully landscaped, comfortable places to lounge and common areas feature free Wi-Fi. Another plus to working from a college campus courtyard is the variety of restaurant options you’ll have when lunchtime rolls around. While perusing the campus, you’ll have access to tons of community information such as upcoming concerts, available summer courses, a myriad of seminars and free events near you.

#4 The Mall

If your idea of a summer getaway requires an air conditioned space, head over to the mall for a scenic, people watching workday. While you’re there you can window shop or pick up a few gifts for yourself and your loved ones.

#5 A Museum

Another completely air conditioned selection guaranteed to ignite a flow of creativity is a museum. You could also choose to position yourself just outside of the museum for a free outdoor experience that features a scenic view.

#6 A Fancy Hotel

While it is not advisable to linger in the lobby of a five star hotel, what most people don’t realize is that hotel eateries are open to the public. Stop in at the hotel restaurant or café and claim a seat in the lobby with your sandwich, coffee or desert. If you’re in the mood for a mini vacation, you could purchase a room for the night.

#7 A Backyard Cabana

Home offices are not just for the den anymore. Feel free to invest in an outdoor cabana and set up your laptop in a stylish back yard oasis you’ve constructed on your own. For added flare, decorate your backyard office with colorful potted plants or pretty lighting fixtures. If you make your own hours, you can enter your backyard cabana at night and work beneath a blanket of stars after the sun goes down.

#8 The Harbor

Add a nautical twist to your workday by seeking out a hot spot along the harbor. If the harbor near you doesn’t offer Wi-Fi in all common areas, rest assured that you’ll find it in most, if not all of the surrounding restaurants.

#9 A Road Trip

For a true work from home adventure, you could attempt a Wi-Fi oriented road trip. In addition to being able to work from hotels and coffee shops, the majority of truck stops now feature free Wi-Fi as well. It would be best to plan a trip like this ahead of time, mapping out different hot spot locales and choosing a new one each day.

#10 A No Contract Wireless Store

For the ultimate in summer connectivity, signing up for a temporary data service could unlock every door, making it possible for you to work from virtually any location all summer long but be careful to read the fine print. Many no contract companies that offer data services feature plans designed to slow down once you’ve reached what they consider fair usage of the internet service. This is not at all ideal if you wish to work from a remote location for eight or more hours a day. Try to invest in a plan that is truly unlimited by thoroughly researching the options prior to making this purchase.

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The benefits of working from a new locale aren’t just in your head. Research shows that journeying through an outdoor environment can increase creativity by 50%. Harvard health has scientifically proven that there is, in fact, a direct link between sunshine and happiness so feel free to roll out of bed, step out of those pajamas and head out into the world for a whole new workday.