10 Coolest Career Choices

Accounting, Lawyer, Office Manager... credible jobs but none the less, boring! Why is it that teachers and parents rarely tell us about the coolest jobs out there? You know, the jobs that would actually make you feel like getting up in the morning? For example, career paths such as acting or biomedicine are impressive and interesting! Check out this article to find out the coolest 10 career choices!

1. Actor

Dreaming of the bright lights of Hollywood? Acting may be just for you! This is a fiercely competitive industry though, so be prepared for back stabbing, long hours, grueling schedules and rejection.

2. Film Director

Would you like to become the next Steven Spielberg? If you have a good imagination and excellent writing skills, anything is possible!

3. Dancer

Dancing is so much more than just a sport. It takes more than a pretty face, it takes a lot of practice and hard work. But if you have talent, confidence, and patience, you will go far!

4. Singer

As you read this article, you can probably hear a chorus of parents whimpering in dismay. Unfortunately for them, you can’t ignore it anymore -- becoming a singer is the only thing you want to do, as hard as it may be. The good news is that it can be done! You just need to get ready for it and have the talent to sing!

5. Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a creative process that reaches into everything we do these days — from websites to application interfaces to product packaging, the talented hand of the graphic designer is seen everywhere. It can be a rewarding, challenging career.

6. Video Game Programmer

Video game programming can be a lucrative career; if your game is a success you can become a millionaire. In case you too have developed a die-hard passion for this tech game so much so that you want to become a video game programmer yourself, here are some tips: work hard, be dedicated, create something the audience wants!

7. Investigative Journalist

Investigative journalism first became acknowledged when Woodward and Berstein uncovered the Watergate Scandal. Today, investigative reporters try to bring scandals or misdeeds to light so that they can be corrected. Does a job as an investigative report sound like the job for you?

8. Biomedical Engineer

A biomedical engineer is someone who combines the skills of biology and engineering. This is a great job. Interesting and well paid. In order to be a Biomedical Engineer you need to be patient and hard working.

9. Archeologist

Have you always dreamed of being an archaeologist, but don’t know how to become one? It takes education, reading, training, and persistence, but once you acquire your qualifications - the world is your oyster!

10. Chocolate taster

According to the job description, this requires eating - sorry, I mean ’tasting’ - heroic amounts of chocolate, developing new flavors, and travelling all over the world to source the best ingredients. And you get paid for it.

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