10 Fashion Blunders to Avoid at The Office

First impressions count. We are all aware of this. You've heard the saying... "never judge a book by it's cover". But let's be honest, we all do. It's wrong, I know, but when it comes to meeting someone for the first time, it only takes 5 seconds for us to make up are minds about them and if it's you getting judged, you want their opinion to be positive. 

Personality? You're on your own, but when it comes to how you look, I can help. That is my expertise. Most of you will be reading this thinking, "Yes, but I don't have pockets full of cash to spend on designer clothes". I can promise you, it's not about that... it's about the little things that you want to avoid.


Ladies, this is a big no no. You've pulled on a pair of tights and surprise surprise, there's a hole in them. But you're running late and you don't have time to change them. You think that your skirt is covering most of the ladder, so no one will see. WRONG! They will see. Maybe your tights were perfect when you left the house, but a slight brisk of  a heel while crossing your legs has caused a ladder to emerge. 

Solution: If you're dead set on wearing "holey" tights, use clear nail varnish on the ladder, as this will stop the ladder spreading further. Keep it in your bag at all times, or carry a spare pair with you, just incase there are any "accidents" and you can slip away to the ladies room and change.

2. Clean away the food

Don't turn up to work with food on your jacket or skirt from breakfast, you're not saving it for later. It looks dirty and lazy. People in the office will definitely notice it. Sometimes, you might spill a bit of lunch on yourself, I know I have before now.

Solution: Try buying food that isn't messy or has a tendency to spill. Failing that, keep wet wipes or a little packet of tissues on you, just in case. 

3. Rain Rain, go away

We live in England, where it rains 2/3 of the year. So why do we all think we have magic powers that will stop us getting wet? Well actually we do. It's in the shape of an umbrella, but who doesn't think about taking it? Most of us. Always keep a pocket sized umbrella in your bag. It would help if it's a classic one, no flamingo pink shades thank you. Then, you don't have to endure the wet, flat hair, smudged make up and see through blouse. Don't look dishevelled before you've even got to work.


Most of us apply a little bit of lippy in the morning. A deep rouge shade will pull your whole office outfit together, giving a hint of demure. What not to do, is go to work with red lipstick stained and coating your teeth. Vampire Alert... save it for Halloween darling. 

Solution: Prep your lips with a bit of concealer and lip liner before you add your desired shade. This way, it will stop the colour staining and running. After applying, blot your lips with a bit of tissue to get the excess off. Own them luscious lips.

5. Greasy mane

In the perfect world, we would wash, blow dry, and style our hair everyday. But in reality it doesn't work like that. We're too busy juggling everything around us. 

Solution: Dry shampoo works wonders with greasy hair, covering up any oily parts. They even have brunette and red head bottles to help blend better. Failing that, a bit of talc will work just the same, but takes a lit bit longer to work into your hair. If you really haven't got any of these products and don't want to buy, back comb your hair and pull into a neat knot/ bun. back combing the roots disguise any grease that is visible when hair is straight and flat.

6. Manicured

I'm a bit of a biter when it comes to my nails, but for work, this looks childish, unclean and rough, especially if the polish has chipped away.

Solution: The cheap solution is to keep your nails filed and shaped, even if they're short and apply a clear gloss. That's it, simple, yet effective. if you have a bit of spare cash, you could visit the nail parlour or invest in shellac. This is a polish that doesn't chip no matter what. it just needs repainting once a month. Low maintenance, but high quality outcome. 

7. Heels

We're women. We love to hate heels. They elongate our legs, make us look taller and thinner, but they are literally a pain. Simple solution: Don't wear them. If you can't walk in them, or they are killing your feet slowly, it's not worth it. Save your feet for partying at the weekend. There are some lovely affordable flat shoes out there on the high street, some with a wedge to give you a bit of height. If you really insist on wearing them, keep a big supply of plasters in your bag, invest in "party feet" (they really do work) and get your shoes re-heeled every year to help with balance. 

8. Brows

This is the one thing most of lovely ladies forget about. Your eyebrows. Big eyebrows are fashionable, but not monobrow, caveman brows. Keep them trimmed and plucked, whether you do it yourself or get them waxed once a month. Also use an eye brow pencil to define your brows. This will open your whole face up and define your eyes. You'll have them perfect peepers before you know it.

9. Scents

It's a bit of an obvious blunder, but who has worn the same top twice without it  being washed and think, "it'll be ok for another day". Not always! Keep it fresh, wear clean ironed clothes, wear deodorant and apply a spray of scent onto your skin. It isn't rocket science. Always apply the perfume to your skin. It mixes with your natural skin scents. this is a misconception to put it on your clothes. Also keep a miniature spray in your bag to reapply throughout the day.

10. VPL

Visible Panty Line. Is there anything worse? Big knicker lines poking through your lovely pencil skirt. I don't know about you, but thongs aren't appealing either. It's simple, invest in a few pairs of seamless knickers. They even do high waisted pairs to suck your tummy in too. Comfort and style.

There you have it , 10 blunders to avoid and solution to help you look hotties in the offices!