10 Funny GIFs Show What You’re Really Thinking at Work

10 Funny GIFs Show What You’re Really Thinking at Work

Here are 10 GIFs which give an insight as to what the average worker is really thinking:

1. Maybe there’s a machine that will do this for me…

Or maybe there’s a person who will do this for me… Even the biggest brown-nosers aren’t opposed to making their lives that little bit easier some times.

2. Oh wow, someone got dressed in the dark today.

Thinks: “Pinstripes – someone’s been taking fashion tips from Beetlejuice.” Says: “Love your new outfit Katy.”

3. I’ll just have a quick look on Tumblr…

Or Facebook or Twitter… Come on, a quick look is never a quick look. Oh crap, the boss is coming over. *hits X as quick as you would if someone caught you watching porn*

4. My head is about to explode!


When your eyes have become square from staring at a computer screen all day, you’re stressed to boll*cks and losing the will to live, just remember: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

5. Perhaps I shouldn’t have lied on my resume.

So, it turns out it’s not quite as easy as you thought it would be to blag advanced Excel skills. I wonder how long it will be before someone notices that I’m looking at a job site rather than working.

6. No, not me. Please don’t pick me.

*Drops to knees, raises arms up in the air and proclaims WHYYYY!?* Jeez, you’ve only been asked to organise Secret Santa this year.

7. Don’t they know I’ve just broken up with my partner!?

Oh they know honey, they just don’t care. That is until they find you under your desk knocking back a stiff drink, muttering “you said you loved me” to an invisible ex.

8. Hazaa! There’s a new game on Google.


Perhaps the only acceptable form of procrastination in the workplace is when Google has a new game on their site, and everyone in the office just goes crazy for it. But remember, small things…

9. Need coffee… NOW

Perhaps I shouldn’t have gone down the pub last night. You can always tell who’s in need of a pick-me-up after a heavy night.

10. Must appear busy *picks up random objects*

I wish I had eyes in the back of my head, or some sort of an alarm which said “Time to stop arsing around” every time the boss walks in.

Do any of these pictures resonate with you? Warning – you may be admitting to a high level of procrastination, bitchiness and bad behaviour, which aren’t great qualities to be putting on your CV.