10 Future Technologies That Will Change The World

The future looks exciting for technological advances. Check out this well-narrated video from Top 10 media which runs through the top ten emerging technologies, from screenless displays to wireless technologies.

Technologies that were once the preserve of science fiction are now invading our reality at a breath-taking pace. As this short video illustrates, our own earthly scientists have shown how apparently implausible (even weather modification is not so far-fetched: scientists at the University of Central Florida and the University of Arizona believe that it is theoretically possible to induce rain, for example) and impossible technologies can be developed (vein –scanning technology to take payments from buyers is already here, by the way). And while in many instances there are challenges yet to be overcome, in other cases, the technology is already here.

Harry Potter

Watch the video for those technologies that are either here and/or are on their way. It’s fascinating stuff. My favourite has to be the spooky sounding invisibility cloaks which make the top ten. These will already be familiar to some of you, primarily from works of fiction such as Harry Potter or Start Trek (Romulan cloaking devices that can hide a spaceship). We’re probably still a long way from hiding spaceships, but as you’ll see from the video, real cloaking devices are being developed right now. For Harry Potter enthusiasts that means you are one step closer to being a wizard.

Top 10: Emerging Technologies

  • Screenless displays – these will utilise the transmission of information without the requirement of a physical screen…
  • Virtual reality – spearheaded by Oculus Rift. Gaming is a huge market already for virtual reality, but how about the movie world? Prepare to experience a level of ‘virtual immersion’ you never believed was possible…
  • Holographic television – it’s not just about the size of your TV, but your viewing area too. If you’ve seen James Cameron’s Avatar, you’ll be familiar with this concept.
  • Wireless electricity – we’ve seen signs of this with our wirelessly charged gadgets, but there’s much more to come…
  • Hypersonic trains – leading the way is Japan (and China), whose ‘floating’ maglev train, linking Tokyo and Osaka, is set to be completed in 2045.
  • Neurotracking – prepare to be spooked: neuroscientists are developing methods to peek into our minds.
  • Invisibility – are you still here? Invisibility isn’t as far-fetched – or scary - as it seems, however.
  • Flying cars – now we’re talking! Self- driving cars are all but here, but how about flying cars?
  • 3D printing – this has already taken off, but expect to see much more in this area. Print your own home, maybe?
  • Autonomous robots – could they really rival humans?

How do you feel about these emerging technologies? Are there any that you are particularly looking forward to? As you will realise from watching the video, none are without their disadvantages, as exciting and promising as they seem. Personally, I can’t wait to until they create wands. Share your comments in the box below.