10 Inspiring Infographic Resumes

If you want to be successful in your job search, then you need to stand out from the crowd. And to do that, you need to be inventive. And what better way to do that than creating a freakily awesome infographic resume? The only way to be creative with your resume is by doing something that most candidates wouldn’t dare do or wouldn’t have had the skills of doing. That is why creating an infographic resume is such a brilliant idea.

If you’re graphic designer, you’re probably good at it, anyway, so why not try it out? If you’re not, creating an infographic isn’t as difficult as you might think, especially when you consider that you have direct access to infographic maker sites like Fiverr, Piktochart and Venngage.

An infographic resume sets the scene and encourages employers to consider your application. It also helps you become memorable and, to paraphrase Kelis, it brings all the employers to the yard.  

If you want to make your own but you’re in need of some ideas, then here are 10 examples of really cool infographic resumes to inspire you.

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1. Roberto Rocco

This resume provides a summary of Roberto Rocco’s qualifications and skills as well as a reference to his complete resume. It’s a great introduction to the candidate’s work history and uses stable colors and powerful fonts in order to achieve this. Rocco also makes use of numbers and stats which makes his resume all the more interesting.

2. Alissa Scheller

Crazy Gallery

This is a fantastic example of how a professional infographic resume should look like. Alissa makes sure she keeps the layout simple and uses the white background to help employers focus on what’s important. I like the fact that Alissa talks about her career goals and demonstrates how her skills can be used in both journalism and graphic design. Clever!

3. Geoff Hamby

Geoff presents a concise but powerful infographic resume. He injects humor in it and uses images to demonstrate his skills and qualifications. He mentions how passionate he is for his line of work and proves that through a career summary and a quote. Geoff also includes a timeline for his work experience which is far more effective than a plain old job description list.

4. Alexander Ray Boren

Alexander knows what he’s good at and he isn’t afraid of showing it. His resume lists his work experience and skills, which he rates according to his knowledge for each area. The infographic makes use of stable bright colors which blend well with the beige background.

5. Sehyr Ahmad

Sehyr uses a range of graphs to make her own statement. Using the shades of blue-green and fancy fonts, she presents her accomplishments and volunteering experience in a unique and powerful way, providing us with a detailed background of her professional self.

6. Alexander Havermale

This is an excellent way to present information. Although this resume uses a simple design, it has a variety of colors which make it more visual appealing. Alexander’s infographic resume works well as an introduction to his professional background as it gives employers all they need to know about him.

7. Yvonne Kai

Yvonne isn’t a big fan of images but she loves the color purple – and that’s okay. Focusing on the “What I Do” section, she shows what she’s really good at and what she specializes in. Yvonne also makes good uses of numbers to make a bigger impact and covers all of the points a traditional resume includes.

8. Gregory Taslaud

Gregory explains his digital journey and lets employers know what happened since the day he was born. This is a great professional timeline that shows the qualifications Gregory obtained, the skills he developed in the process, as well as his interests. He makes use of happy colors and smiley faces, and attempts to touch the employers’ emotions. He also uses hashtags to describe himself which is pretty awesome.

9. Rob Christianson


Just as Rob says on his resume, he’s a “stickler for clean layout” which means he prefers things simple. That’s why he uses earthy colors and keeps everything minimal. In his resume, he covers the three key main points of the traditional resume which are work history, education, and skills. I like the fact that he provided references to his social media profiles.

10. Jessica Wells

Jess likes to think abstract, and this becomes obvious in her infographic resume. Without using too many words, she focuses on her work history and education. Also, she refers to some accomplishments and personal interests which give a glimpse into her personality. This is a very different example compared to the rest but is still another effective way to approach employers.

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Creating a unique resume goes a long way to branding yourself into a job. It makes you more memorable as a candidate and the preferred choice of employers. So, what do all of these infographics have in common? Big logos, bright colors, and numbers and stats. Think about these when you’re working on yours.

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments section below!




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