10 Items to Bring on a Long Flight

If you’re flying this summer to your dream vacation, don’t forget to pack the essentials in your carry-on. Long flights are difficult enough but they can be made much easier with a few key items to make your travel experience a breeze. So whether it’s an eight, ten or twenty hour flight, here’s the essential carry-on packing list for you.

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1. Your Purse/Wallet

The first thing on the list is really a no-brainer. Having items like your wallet, passport, cash, credit cards, etc. on you at all times is essential when traveling. You never know when you’ll need to grab a fresh pretzel or a hot coffee, right?

2. Your Phone/ Electrical Devices

Keeping everything that’s important to you next to you while traveling, is key. Luggage can be lost in the transport but your carry-on will be right by your side during the entire trip. Cell phones, cameras, and any other devices that you don’t want to be broken or lost in transport should be packed in your carry on.

3. Chargers

Airport Chargers

Layovers are a perfect time to charge your electronic devices. Most airports have plugins- some easier to find than others, where you can sit down and relax while you charge. There’s nothing worse than a dead cell phone or iPad.

4. Reading Material


There’s a lot of waiting when it comes to traveling. Waiting for the plane to take off, the ride itself, and layovers can add up to hours of travel time. Making use of that time by reading a good book, catching up on a magazine, or scrolling through your electronic reading device will make the time fly by.

5. Snacks

Healthy snacks
o2 max fitness

Flights provide drinks and sometimes meals or snacks, depending on the flight, but it’s always a good idea to bring something to hold you over from one location to the next. Packing something to eat will make your flight more enjoyable, keeping your appetite in control, and saving you money by not buying from the airport dining options.

6. Bathroom Refreshers


Traveling can be harsh on the body and sometimes you need something to refresh your system. Items like travel size toothpaste, for those long flights, make-up remover, or some bits of lip gloss and mascara can make traveling seem easier. Taking along with you a few make-up items and travel size toiletries, will give you a refreshing feeling during your travels, getting you ready for your next big adventure.

7. Jacket/ Comfortable Clothes

Comfy Clothes

Flights can be long and uncomfortable but with the right clothes, things are slightly better. Wear comfortable clothes to the airport so you can endure the long hours that come with flying. Jackets are great for makeshift blankets and pillows, while keeping you warm for the duration of the flight. In the summer, carry a light jacket that’s easy to store but still ideal for cold plane rides and airports. If your flight is over ten hours, consider bringing a change of clothes in your carry-on and then when you land in your next location you’ll be ready to hit the streets right away.

8. Headphones


Longer flights usually come with the option of choosing from a selection of movies. Don’t pay for airline head phones, bring your own instead. This saves you money but it also allows you to have the exact head phone style you love.

9. Games

To keep you entertained, bring a small deck of cards, a small gaming device, or stock up on cellphone games. Cards are great if you’re traveling with friends, but a small gaming device or a cellphone game is great for the solo traveler. These can be small, taking up minimal space, but pack a lot of hours’ worth of entertainment.


10. Medications

Travel Pills

Last, but not least, remember to take your medications in your carry-on. Make sure that all items are clearly labeled and you’ll never be without your allergy, sleep, etc. medication again.

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Traveling can involve long hours in airports and during flights but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Bringing the right items in your carry-on can help with boredom and overall comfort. With this list you’ll look like pros that are on their way to the next great adventure. Start your summer travel plans right, by packing the right items in your carry-on to make your vacation even better.

Do you have any other tips for travelers? Let us know in the comments section below.