10 Jobs For Total Bookworms

Growing up, you holed up in your bedroom and read with every chance you got. You got in trouble for reading at the dinner table (hey, you just couldn’t put down the fascinating book you were into) and you would rather die than go to gym class. Basically, you were, and still are, a bookworm. You’re addicted to reading and can’t imagine a world without books. Some people might think you’re stuck in the dream world of books and need to get a life, but you know better. Not to get all cheesy, but readers are the best kind of people because their lives are enriched by the stories they consume, and they learn a lot about themselves and society in the process. If this perfectly describes you, then a.) you must be super smart and b.) you should be working in a field that allows you to indulge your love of reading. Read on for the top 10 jobs for total bookworms.

1. Journalist

You may think that becoming a journalist is all about telling the truth, being a news junkie and uncovering government secrets. Sure, the field can definitely be about all those things, but at the end of the day if you love reading books then it’s a great career choice for you. That’s because being a reporter is all about being curious about life and society, talking to different people, and finding out what makes people tick. If you’re already a reader, then you’re already pretty curious – or you would never pick up a book in the first place. Plus, you can write non-fiction books if you’re a journalist and have literary dreams as well.

2. Book Reviewer

Did you know that you can literally get paid for reading books? I know, it sounds way too good to be true, but this isn’t a joke. You can become a book reviewer and write about the good and the bad of whatever novel you’ve been assigned. Maybe you’ll get lucky and land a plum job at a newspaper or magazine- although those are few and far between in this tricky economic climate. More realistically, you’ll work freelance and contribute to a bunch of online publications. It’s a super fun way to make a living if you’re already a bookworm. You also get free books!

3. Novelist


Do you want to hit the New York Times bestsellers list? Have you been crafting stories since you were a tiny adorable kid? Would you rather stay home and read on a Friday night than go out and talk to people? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then congrats. You’re already a writer. Now you need to take it to the next level and become a published author. This is one job that allows you to read and call it research. You can even spend all day at home in your PJ’s reading and still count it as working. You could never do that in any other profession. You need to be super widely read in order to write in your genre of choice, after all, and you can only learn from the best. How awesome is that?

4. P.R. Rep

If you adore books, why not become a PR or marketing rep at a publishing company and promote the very thing that you love so much? You’ll have tons of fun organizing book tours, events and interviews for the authors you work for. This is a great job if you consider yourself both an introvert who loves books and an extrovert who loves people, since you’ll be dealing with both the printed word and actual writers.

5. Editor

stressed writer

It probably goes without saying that if you’re a total and utter bookworm, you want to write. You’ve probably been writing as long as you’ve been reading. But that’s not the only avenue. You can also become an editor and your daily life can be devoted to shaping stories and working with authors. It’s a fun yet demanding job that means many long hours spent at the office or working from home. Yes, you’ll probably have to work weekends. And yes, your eyes are going to get pretty tired from starting at a computer screen all the time. Sigh – the plight of the modern worker.

6. Indie Bookstore Owner/Manager

Sure, indie bookstores may be going out of business left and right, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t want to buy books anymore. You may be competing with Amazon and major bookstores but if you want to be surrounded by books and being a librarian doesn’t sound all that exciting to you, then running a bookstore is definitely a career option for you.

7. Librarian


Do you live and breathe stories? Do you collect old books and totally geek out over first editions by your fave authors? If you’re the kind of book lover that is on the nerdy side, then becoming a librarian is the perfect way to indulge your love of literature. You’ll need a degree in library science after you go to college, and then the only way to achieve your career dreams is to volunteer, network and eventually, land a job. Once you’ve gotten a job at a library, you’ll love recommending books to people and inspiring orders to fall in love with reading as much as you have.

8. Copyeditor

Copyeditors can work in the field of journalism or they can copy- edit novels or non-fiction books. If you’re obsessed with grammar and love to lecture your friends on their use of semi-colons, then this is a great job for you. Now you can lecture people and get paid for it, which is much better, right? Sure, you might start to go a bit crazy since you have to be super nit-picky about the grammar in whatever you read, but you’ll love it so much you won’t really care.

9. English Teacher

Becoming a teacher means you’re totally responsible for shaping young minds, which can be super exciting or super scary, depending on how you look at it. If you fill your apartment with books and English was your major in university, then why not become an English teacher? You can work as a high school teacher or even a professor. You’ll get to choose the books that you want to teach and have (hopefully) lively discussions with your students over literary greats such as Shakespeare and Steinbeck.

10. Fact-Checker

Being a fact-checker is the perfect job for those who love to read. Basically, your job starts with reading whatever story or article you’ve been assigned and making a list of all the facts in the story (names, ages, dates, details). Then you call the people who were interviewed and ask them if what they told the reporter is actually true or false. You also have to do tons of research, so this is a great job if you already absolutely adore reading.

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If you would describe yourself as a book lover and yet you’re not working in one of these fields, then what are you waiting for? Time is running out and you only live once, as they say. You can change careers today (or tomorrow, let’s not get too crazy) and make some cash doing what you love most in the world: getting cozy with a good story in your hands.

Are you a bookworm? How many books do you read per week?