10 Jobs Suited to People with an Entrepreneurial Personality

People with an entrepreneur personality are business-minded. They are always actively looking for an opportunity to start a business or sell something and make a profit. If you are having a conversation with a person with an entrepreneurial personality, chances are he or she will want to know whether you are planning something so they can find a way of delivering it to you, at a cost! The entrepreneurial types don’t crave for a 9-to-5 office job. They are single-mindedly obsessed on their pursuit of business opportunities!

If this sounds like you, here are some jobs that can bring out the entrepreneur in you:

1. Stockbroker

According to the The Wolf of Wall Street, no one has quite mastered the art of making money like stockbrokers. These masters of the stock market buy and sell shares on behalf of investors and earn a commission. The more sales they make, the more they earn. Just ask Jordan Belfort!

Salary: $102,000 (Indeed)

2. Chief Executive Officer

To lead a company, whether privately or publicly held, into extreme profits, you got to have an entrepreneurial personality. As the CEO, it’s your job to ensure the company is expanding into new markets and the sales volume is ever-increasing. Without being entrepreneur-ish, you will find this difficult to achieve.

Salary: $155,388 (PayScale)

3. Insurance Agent

To thrive in the occupation, insurance agents must get as many people as possible to buy insurance policies. Competition for customers is very fierce among insurance companies, and only agents with an entrepreneur mindset can enjoy the process of finding new customers.

Salary: $63,730 (BLS)

4. Financial Advisor

Financial advisors help their clients to make profitable investments. As an advisor with an entrepreneurial personality, you will be able to find investment opportunities with the highest rates of return and, as a result, help your clients get richer.

Salary: $53,845 (PayScale)

5. Auto Claims Adjuster

Auto claims adjusters, and indeed all other insurance adjusters, have perfected the skill of devaluing things. Just get into a car accident, file an insurance claim, and wait till you get a compensation check that cannot even cover half the damages! But you cannot blame the adjusters. They are just businesses-minded people looking to increase their employer’s profits.

Salary: $38,000 (Indeed)

6. Accountant

Another thing about people with an entrepreneurial personality is that they will follow the movement of their hard-earned money to ensure it’s being put into good use. Accountants, even though it is not their money, are the ultimate masters of paper trail. They strive to ensure every expense is documented and captured in the accounting books.

Salary: $47,556 (Salary.com)

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7. Business Consultant

Business consultants use their entrepreneurial character to help aspiring entrepreneurs find business ideas and transform them into profitable entities. If an established business is on a loss-making streak, it is the job of the consultant to help the owners find profit-making strategies.

Salary: $67,930 (PayScale)

8. Professional Boxer

From the 17th century, boxing bouts have been motivated by money. The world recently witnessed a $600 million fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao. Quite a tidy sum. It is only fair to conclude that professional boxing is a profession (and sport) for people with an entrepreneurial personality. Where else can a boxer find the motivation to fight on, knock out opponents, and win grand sums of money?

Salary: $15,000 – $105million or more (International Business Times)

9. Sales Manager

With an entrepreneurial personality, you can quite easily identify like-minded people and forge a formidable partnership. And this is the reason sales managers have to have some element of entrepreneurship. They have a duty to hire sales agents or representatives, so they must spot applicants who are capable of making sales effortlessly.

Salary: $126,040 (BLS)

10. Entrepreneur

Of course, entrepreneurial types are destined to become entrepreneurs! It is difficult to create a description that entirely describes the job of entrepreneurs like Warren Buffett. There is to invest and make money. A lot of it.

Salary: $178,400 (Sokanu)

Think you got some entrepreneurial personality traits? Then these are the jobs that could suit you.