10 Life-Changing Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Every Day

How did you wake up this morning? Feeling refreshed and relaxed as you should be, or tired and regretful for getting out of the bed? If the latter, perhaps you need to investigate your case a little bit further…

There might be many reasons why you feel unsatisfied and unhappy with your life every morning. Apart from waking as early as 7am, other factors can influence your mood and behaviour. Love life struggles, social responsibilities and looming deadlines at work only add to that feeling of gloom and despair. But it’s not entirely your fault; the fast pace of life doesn’t allow you much free time to do what you want, and sometimes work stress doesn’t only affect your job performance but also your quality of life.

Even if you don’t experience any of these problems though, asking yourself a few questions a day can keep the therapist away. These cultivate self-reflection and allow you to evaluate your current situation so that you can find your source of true happiness and go after your higher purpose in life.

No matter your current situation in life, the following 10 questions have the power to change your life:

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#1 When did you last push the boundaries of your comfort zone?

Experiencing life means going through both good and bad times. There are certainly going to be some ups and downs, but you decide if you want them to define you. In order to live life to the fullest, you have to get out of your comfort zone countless of times and be ready to put yourself on the spot. It’s all about taking risks and going after the impossible. Can you do that?

#2 What can you do to start living your ideal life?

While the point of asking yourself questions is not much about answering them, they intent to provide you with the stimulus to get into that thinking of how you can develop and create a better version of yourself. The best way to go is by letting go of what makes you unhappy in life, in search of what makes it meaningful to you and setting some solid goals as to how to do it step by step.

#3 What experiences do you want to have/feel?

If you don’t feel that you’ve done everything you wanted to do in life, now is your chance to do so. Want to try out extreme sports? As long as you take the necessary precautions, no one can really stop you. Do you want to fall in love? Travel to Paris or anywhere in the world and find your true soul mate!

#4 What do you need to change about yourself?

You are not perfect and this is what makes you human. You have your own flaws and weaknesses that you feel the need to work on, and it’s only natural to want to become better. Whether you need to change your appearance or behaviour, or the way you interact with other people, take your time and carve your way to self-realisation.

#5 What do you want to achieve in 1, 3, 5 years from now?

I don’t think there’s a particular reason why I chose odd numbers for this question and you might as well make it 2, 4 or 6 – whatever works for you! Essentially, this type of question allows you to review your objectives and set some priorities in life. When you work with a plan, you tend to be more successful in accomplishing your goals in the long-run, so make sure you do so and remind yourself every day.

#6 If money wasn’t an issue, what would you be doing?

What if, really? Would you still go to work? What would you be doing every day? Would you prefer to travel the world? How far would you go? I know these are a lot of sub-questions to answer, but they are essential to helping you imagine a life with no limitations whatsoever such as money. If you regard money as the most important thing in life, you’re wasting your entire life going after it. So, make an effort to look beyond that for a minute and think about how you would feel if they weren’t as important as you make them.

#7 Are you living the life of your dreams?

Is your life how you expected it to be when you were 17? Of course not. Nobody can predict how their life is going to unfold – well, not entirely, as they can try to make and experience it the way they want. Are you content with your job or staying home taking care of the kids? Want to go out and do something meaningful? Your choice is yours, and you are entitled to making as many life changes as you like while taking into account the others involved in the process.

#8 Have you made someone smile today?

One of the biggest pleasures in life is to be able to say that you’ve helped another human being in need. No matter how small or big the deed was, you’ll be able to say that you’ve made another person happy. This small act of kindness can reward you in the most unexpected ways in life; you just have to wait to witness it.

#9 What would you do today if there is no tomorrow?

Sorry to bring up the issue of death, but it’s essential to understand that our life’s bubble will eventually burst whether you like it or not; so, whatever you need to do, you should do it now. Not tomorrow or the day after that, but today. This will help you hold on to what’s really important for you in life.

#10 Which is worse: failing or never trying?

Last but not least, you have to ask yourself at least once a day what’s really worth fighting for. If there are still things you need to do before you become old and grumpy, this is the time. Settling for a life you don’t enjoy means that you haven’t tried hard enough to chase after your dreams. In order for you to do so, you need to find your courage and work your way up through possible struggles and failures.

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By asking yourself these ten questions, you will become better at being yourself and you’ll discover what you truly need in life. In time, you will find out what’s your true calling in life and how can you become the best version of yourself.  

Talking about making important life changes made me think about this TEDx talk where Alistair Horscroft tells you all you need to know about changing your life in just 7 seconds:

What other self-reflection techniques would you use to help you achieve your goals? Let us know in the comments section below!