10 of the Quickest Ways to Lose your Best Employees!

Knowing how to manage your employees is essential to ensuring workplace productivity and employee morale. Unfortunately, there are many managers out there who do not understand the principles of being a good manager, and as such, underestimate the impact their poor management skills have on their workforce.

Check out some of the quickest ways to lose your best employees!

#1 Expect your employees to work overtime with no extra pay

#2 Set unachievable deadlines

#3 Refrain from offering rewards, incentives, bonuses, or employee appraisals

#4 You fail to recognize the hard work and loyalty of your staff

#5 Reduce salaries to cover company costs

#6 Fire employees without giving a verbal or written warning

#7 Always criticize without being constructive or supportive

#8 Micromanage staff and constantly check up on them

#9 Never listen to your employees or consider their opinions

#10 Blame all mistakes on your employees even if it is your fault

Tips on how to avoid losing your best employees…

  • Conduct regular employee appraisals
  • Be approachable and personable
  • Establish clear boundaries and work targets
  • Take time to help and support your staff





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