10 Office Outfits for Men Perfect for the Winter Season

10 Office Outfits for Men Perfect for the Winter Season

As Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother would say, “Suit up!”

We’ve seen some pretty outrageous and downright strange looks on (and off) the catwalk throughout men’s fashion history, but thankfully, we’re steering clear of such questionable looks in this list of 10 of the best office outfits for men for the 2014 winter season.

1. Curdoroy


According to GQ magazine, corduroy is “the suit of the year” and rightfully so.

2. Parka Jackets


Oversized parka jackets are “in” this year, and are even wearable over suits.

3. Pinstripes


Pinstriped suits never go out of fashion, and are office-appropriate. Avoid striped shirts and ties with this one, though!

4. Monochrome


The monochrome look was made famous by Johnny Cash, and remains timeless and sophisticated as ever.

5. Layered


A layered outfit is simply the stylish solution for cold weather. Two rules though: outer hems shouldn’t be longer than the inner hems, and each layer should be wearable on its own.

6. Checkered


A rebellious look, only a few can pull this one off, and is especially appropriate for creative and designer professions.

7. Blazer Sweater


If the dress code at your work is casual, you can choose to wear a blazer sweater that will give you a formal look – without overdoing it.

8. Trench Coat


Who doesn’t love a trench coat? If you don’t own one, you should order one already. Trench coats give even the most junior assistant a mature and sophisticated look.

9. Chinos


Chinos are great for a casual dress code at work, especially when you want to avoid wearing jeans, and combined with a casual shirt and jacket make up a spectacular outfit.

10. Backpacks


Move over shoulder bags, backpacks are back! They look good on men in suits, and they really do come in handy when you’re carrying paperwork and your laptop around.

What do you think of these outfits? Drop a line below in the comments with your office outfit tips!

Main image source: Vee Travels