10 Office Outfits for Women Perfect for the Winter Season

girl with hat

Finding the perfect outfit for work can be a delicate balancing act of combining style, elegance and professionalism. With the winter season upon us, there are some classic styles and new trends which are fashionable. This article lists 10 office outfits for women that are perfect for the winter season.

1. Chunky Knit Sweater

Chunky knit sweaters are perfect when paired with trendy pencil skirt or slimming pants. If you’re worried about the sweater appearing too bulky, you can eliminate that factor by wearing a mid-width belt at your waistline.

2. Bold Plaid Jacket  

A bold plaid jacket can be a flattering addition to your winter work wardrobe; especially when accompanied by a shirt and skirt combo.

3. Sweater Dress

Owning a sweater dress is a perfect staple to your winter wardrobe. The one showcased in the photo is a heather grey color and the dress is paired with a black shirt. You can also pair this outfit with a blazer for an even more professional look.

4. Paneled Pencil Skirt

Balance your body frame with a paneled pencil skirt paired with a soft cashmere sweater or long-sleeved shirt.

5. Winter White Colors

Winter white is fashionable this season. The outfits showcased in the photos are simple, yet elegant and perfect for the professional woman. Wearing bright colored heels adds a great pop of color.

6. Casual Friday Winter Wear

For those casual winter Fridays, this ultra-casual outfit is a perfect fit for the busy working woman. A bright colored or striped cardigan and knit scarf with black jeans complete the casual look you are looking for.

7. Snakeskin Skirt

Snakeskin skirts are in fashion this winter season. It is the perfect addition to your work wardrobe when paired with a cropped sweater and suede ankle boots.

8. Over the Knee Boots

You can wear over the knee boots to the office and the basic fashion trick is to buy a flat pair. This look can be paired with jeans for casual Fridays or with a wrap skirt and turtleneck.

9. Tartan Suit

 Another new style this winter season is the tartan suit. The outfit is made complete by pairing it with a bold statement necklace.

10. Oversized Cardigan Sweater

Oversized cardigans are in style this winter and these black and pink colored ones look great paired with a long sleeved shirt and black pants for a casual yet elegant look. 

Finding new winter fashions for the workplace can be a fun experience and bring some excitement to your daily life by getting creative with your outfits.