10 People You Will Work With In Any Office

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1. Everyone's BFF
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This person is always happy, seemingly to the point where going to work on any given day is the best thing that has ever happened to them and they want to share their joy with you. Every time they go to grab a tea or coffee, they invite you along as though you’re a pair of Hobbits going on a quest that will take nine hours of your life and change you both forever! This person will pass you funny notes or send you amusing emails or more memes than you ever thought existed of cats using inaccurate grammar and spelling. They will make it their life’s mission to get you to join them in all occasions outside of work hours, whether it is for social drinks or for an epic round of laser tag, followed by pizza and a bank heist. You may cringe at the thought of this person forcing themselves into your life, but truth be told, they make the daily grind a little brighter, so cherish their cheerfulness. No matter how much it bugs you, because anything else is just plain boring.

So, you’ve just landed your first job in an office. Congratulations! This all must be new and exciting for you, right? Maybe a little confusing at times? What about the people? What can you expect from them? While all offices are different, some similarities remain, generally in the people you will meet. The following people can be found in almost any office, no matter what your job specifically is. Hopefully this little guide will help you understand the people you interact with on a daily basis, just so it’s that little bit easier to survive the daily grind!




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