10 Reasons to Go Back to School

College: a time of booze, books and pulling all-nighters (admit it, you pulled some). It’s hard not to feel the same sense of hope and optimism as all the students when the fall season approaches. Many of us have lots of regrets about our university years, whether about our major or how we should have spent less time partying and more time studying. Like anything else, it’s only with time and experience that we truly see the error of our ways. If you’ve been thinking about going back to get more education, you’re definitely not alone – lots of adults trade in their business suits for sweatshirts and textbooks. Read on to find out 10 reasons to go back to school. If you agree with any of them, then what are you waiting for?

1. You Can Live a (Mostly) Stress-Free Life

Okay, so school isn’t completely stress-free all the time– there’s the pressure to get good grades and all those texts, essays and exams. But the working world isn’t exactly a piece of cake, is it? If you’ve had a full-time job for a few years now, you know that office culture is all about demanding bosses and gossipy coworkers and work piled on top of more work. It’s no wonder that you’re looking back on your college days as an idealistic, peaceful time. We also miss our academic years because we didn’t have to worry about job applications or job interviews or anything like that – all we had to do was focus on the amount of readings we had to do that day. Sounds pretty nice now, doesn’t it?

2. You Can Make a Big Career Change

Of course, the number one reason that adults go back to school is to make a massive career transition. You might be thinking about going freelance or starting your own business or switching fields entirely. It makes total sense to get more education and training instead of just going into another industry blindly. You want to put your best foot forward and increase your chances for success, after all. Why wouldn’t you do everything within your power not to fail? So much is out of your control (how much money you’ll make, who will like you or hate you) so you might as well control your education. Who knows? You could even fall in love with academia so much that you become a professor.

3. You Can Study Something Totally Unique

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Okay, so the last time around, you followed in your parents’ footsteps and majored in something practical like business or English. That last one was a joke. English is never a practical major. Moving on. There are tons of people who study something like business or law while secretly wishing they could study something cool and unique like art history or Viking studies, or applied golf management (yes these are real majors). Sure, your friends and family might think you’re absolutely nuts for trashing your full-time job with benefits for a degree in something that won’t land you a paying position. But that’s life. People won’t always support you and you should just do whatever you want anyway.

4. You Can Have Fun

Let’s not forget how much fun school can be. You can join a club, write for the college newspaper, attend all the costume parties. Hey, you might be that weird older person, but that’s okay. We all become that person at some point in our lives. If you feel totally burnt out, overwhelmed and super exhausted from your working days, there’s nothing wrong with taking some time off and going back to school. Life isn’t all about work – you have to enjoy yourself, too.

5. You Picked the Wrong Career

It’s okay. It happens. Your grandma/aunt/cousins/BFF are all lawyers so you figured you would go to law school and become a lawyer, too. Then you woke up one day and realized you’re super miserable and depressed. If this describes you, then you definitely should go to back to school so you can get a job that you actually like (or maybe even love – it could happen). There’s no point continuing on with the same old career if you’re unhappy. It’s also totally cool if you have no idea what you want to do next – that’s what school is for, isn’t it? It’s just enough right now to know that you chose the wrong career path. You can figure the rest out later.

6. You Can go Back Part-Time or Evenings

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So you want to go back to school but don’t have the cash for full-time study or the time because you still want to keep your job in the meantime. That’s okay. Just take some evening or weekend classes. You’ll still be benefitting and getting an education and you won’t have to take out a second mortgage on your home (or sell all your belongings) to do so.

7. You Can Get a Raise or Promotion

Sometimes you’ve done all you can at your current position but your boss doesn’t think you have enough educational experience or qualifications to promote you yet. That’s when it’s a great idea to go back to school to prove your boss totally wrong (what a thrill that will be). You’ll return with enough ammunition to be promoted and maybe even score that raise you’ve been lusting after.

8. You Can Meet an Entirely New Social Network

Beyond your current job and friend circle, it can be tough to meet new people once you’re outside of school. So why not return to school and expand your social network? You never know who you’re going to meet. Maybe you’ll sit next to a super smart cookie who will be your new business partner, or you’ll meet someone who can get you a super cool job once you’ve both graduated or finished the program.

9. You Can Rewind and Start Your College Days all Over


Okay, so you do have a college degree -- but it’s just a piece of paper to you. You hated academics and spent all your time hanging out in your best friend’s dorm room eating potato chips and playing video games. That’s cool (but not really). Why not go back to college now and have a much better academic experience? You can actually study this time, learn something and get awesome grades.

10. You Can Become a Professional Student

We all have that one friend who seems to be in school forever and ever. Seriously. They get their undergraduate degree like everyone else, then head back for their masters, then it’s time for their PhD. The funny thing is, they seem to be working towards their PhD for decades, right? They’re always writing their thesis paper, studying and researching. That can be you, too. If you’ve seriously had it with the working life, you can just become a student for the rest of your life. Sure, this will require some cash and lots of it – tuition isn’t cheap, unfortunately – but maybe you have an inheritance or some family money.

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Desperate to go back to school and make things different this time around? Thinking about a career change? With these top 10 reasons to go back to school, you simply have zero excuses not to head back to the wonderful world of college. Everyone you know will be so jealous because you’ll have figured out the secret of life: that working for a living isn’t always that much fun, but school is a stress-free zone that allows you to have a big imagination.




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