10 Secrets to Writing the Perfect Job Listing

To hire the right people you need to invest time and energy in your job listing. So we have a few secrets for you! These should make your job easier!

Hiring top talent is usually a difficult process which involves assessing candidates from their CVs and job interviews. As such, it’s never easy to determine who the right candidate for the job is. But what many recruitment managers find to be just as difficult is to attract top talent to apply in the first place.

This usually happens because job listings get lost among the hundreds of even thousands of other job listings popular job boards receive on a daily basis. Moreover, many recruitment managers fail to make their job listings attractive as they focus on all the wrong things rather than on things that would matter to candidates who are highly experienced and qualified and are aware that the job market is an endless pool of job opportunities for them.

To help you attract top talent, we’ve put together a list of tips that will enable you to get the attention of great candidates so read ahead and let us know if you have any questions in the comment section below.

1. Look at the Job Listing as an Advertisement

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The key to effective recruitment tactics is to understand that a job listing is basically an advertisement. Just like with marketing, to attract attention your job listing should be concise yet comprehensive. It should grab attention in the first sentence, and it should include all the reasons why what you’re selling (the job) is better than anything else out there.

Once you get in that mindset, you’ll see that it’s easier to figure out strategies with which to attract top talent. Start by building the profile of the perfect candidate and think about what that candidate would likely find appealing. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask people in the company who are currently doing the same or similar jobs, ask them what they’d find attractive in a job listing and try to incorporate their feedback.

2. Use Targeted Questions and Statements

It’s essential that you remember your job listing is meant to attract people, and therefore it should abide by standard marketing rules of thumb. One such rule is the fact that you should use targeted questions and/or statements, especially in the beginning of your job listing.

This means that your job listing should directly address the job candidate by asking them a targeted question like for example ‘Would you be interested in working in a company that aims to make the world a greener place?’

Direct questions and statements attract people because they directly involve them, and this means that they are more likely to get talented recruits to notice your job listing.

3. Establish What Is Required and What Is Preferred

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If you’ve been in the hiring game for a long time, you’ll probably know that most of the time jobseekers apply to any and all jobs they come across hoping for the best.

But, this can make your job a lot harder as you need to sift through hundreds of job applications to narrow your list down. Clearly establishing what is required and what is preferred can help discourage people who don’t have the necessary skills to do the job from applying.

So have two separate sections for the required and preferred skills and qualifications for a more effective hiring process.

4. Make Sure the Job Listing Is Short

Job listings should be short because it makes it easier for jobseekers to scan through them and decide whether or not they should apply. Our brains have short attention span, and if you force jobseekers to read longer job listings, there’s a good chance that they won't retain the information.

Try to stick to 100-200 words and be as comprehensive as possible. Remember that the key is to attract top talent and if you omit important aspects of the job you might end up not getting noticed by the best jobseekers.

5. Focus on the Reader’s Needs


Although you are writing a job listing because you and your company are in need of a new employee, your focus should always be the reader/jobseeker. By using the pronoun ‘you’ and directly addressing the reader you are making him/her more involved in the process which means that you are getting them interested.

There isn’t a single jobseeker out there that’s interested in making your life easier; they are interested in jobs that will make their lives meaningful, and you should always keep that in mind when writing a job listing as it will help you be more conversational and not lose focus.

6. Make Your Job Listing as Attractive as Possible

This does not mean that your job listing should come in all shapes and sizes, but it does mean that you should make the job listing as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Perhaps you should capitalise letters in the title, or you should include all the perks and benefits you offer. Whatever the case, to make the job listing appealing you need to ensure that the job listing caters to the needs of the ideal job candidate.

For example, if according to the profile you’ve built for the perfect candidate, he or she will be interested in a fun company culture you should definitely include that in the job listing.

7. Keep the Application Process Simple

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Often recruitment managers will make the job application process incredibly complicated for jobseekers, but a complex application process does not do anyone any good. The job application should be straightforward to ensure that applications from talented people won’t get lost in the process.

8. Find the Right Place to Post

It’s critical that you find the right place to post your job listing because no matter how attractive you make it if the jobseekers fail to see it, you won’t get anywhere. Many recruitment managers opt for the more popular job boards, but I would advise against them as they can be chaotic. Also, if you opt for a job board where a lot of job ads get posted, you might end up getting passed by and lost.

A good idea is to find smaller, industry related, job boards that jobseekers frequent. This will not only help you target industry savvy people, but it will also help you minimise the number of irrelevant applications you receive.

Alternative job boards can help you attract top talent which is why we here at CareerAddict have built our own job board that will help you target the right candidates. The process of posting a job on the CareerAddict job board is completely stress-free and we’ll even share your job post on social media to ensure that you get noticed right from the start.

9. Add Keywords


To ensure that your job listing will get noticed, you need to include all the relevant keywords. This will not only make your job listing easier to find, especially if jobseekers are using Google to find job vacancies, but it will also help your job listing pop on social media.

10. Refer to the Company Culture

You probably know that jobseekers who are exceptionally talented will be looking for jobs with excellent salaries, perks and benefits, but that’s not the only thing they’ll be looking for. They’ll also be looking for a great company culture which is why you need to include that in your job listing.

Jobseekers nowadays are interested in incorporating their personality in their work, and this means that they are looking for companies that will allow them to have fun between 9 and 5 and by talking about the company culture in the job listing, you are encouraging top talent to apply.

The key to a successful job listing is to get the jobseeker excited about the opportunity you are offering. To do that you need to lure them in so don’t be afraid to use keywords.

Let us know if you have any other secrets for recruitment managers in the comment section below.




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