10 Self-Limiting Behaviours Successful People Avoid

Most of us know what success looks like and most of us have seen more than a few examples of the types of things that successful people do on a regular basis to stand out, but what types of behaviors do they avoid on a day-to-day basis?

Even the most productive and successful among us can be tempted and influenced by bad behaviors like wasting time or doubting themselves, but there are certain behaviors that success requires that we avoid. Learn from the best, and avoid these 10 self-limiting behaviors to unlock your own success.

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1. Gossiping

Shocking gossip

Gossip is one of our internal ways of making ourselves feel better about ourselves than we probably should. Most of us have heard that old grade school bit of knowledge: “People put down others so that they can feel better about themselves”. And it is certainly true when it comes to gossiping.

Gossip is just a way for your mind to prove its own superiority; by talking badly about others, you tend to elevate your own sense of pride and feelings of confidence. While confidence can be a good thing, too much pride (or an inflated ego) often does little but overhype the actual ability of the prideful person. Successful people are too busy getting things done to spend time talking about others, and besides, they already feel good about themselves; they don’t need to bring others down.

2. Pitying Themselves

Self-pity is a huge obstacle to success. We have all met at least one person who always finds something to feel sorry for themselves about – maybe we are even guilty ourselves. Pitying yourself is like a snowball rolling down a hill: the more it goes, the more snow it picks up, and the faster it rolls down.

Self-pity has a tendency to suck you in and make you feel miserable, but then it just continues to grow more and more over time. It prevents you from doing the things you need to do, it robs you of your energy and motivation, and it prevents you from looking to find long-term solutions to bigger problems. Successful people don’t spend their time playing the victim; they make themselves the hero.

3. Being Lazy

Lazy Man

Being lazy is one of the biggest sins for someone who is successful. Laziness is one of those behaviors that we all possess from time to time but, if allowed to grow unchecked, can consume us completely over time.

Successful people avoid laziness because they know that hard work is part of the process, because they know that if something is going change it is up to them to make it happen, and because they know that work is just the payment for success.

4. Comparing Themselves to Others

Comparing yourself to others is a sure path to self-pity and inaction. No matter who you are, you could look around and find someone better than you at something, or you could find someone who has something that you don’t have. However, successful people don’t have time to sit around comparing themselves to others and wishing they had what others had; they just spend their days getting better and figuring out how to get better.

5. Being Dishonest

Thief stealing cars

Dishonesty is one of those bad behaviors that may not affect you negatively in the short-run (in fact, sometimes telling lies can even boost your success for a short time), but it almost always catches up with you eventually.

Telling lies or just generally being dishonest or manipulative causes other people to distrust you, and part of success is having other people around you that can help you when times get tough. Dishonesty burns bridges that don’t need to be burned, and you never know when you might need to cross one of those bridges later down the road.

6. Wishing Without Acting

Being a bit of a dreamer never hurt anybody, but spending most of your time wishing instead of acting can be a death sentence for your personal success. A wish without a plan is just a dream, and dreams simply aren’t real.

Successful people understand that part of being successful is taking the actions that they need to make their hopes, wishes, and dreams into reality. After all, success is better in reality than in a dream world.

7. Speaking Before They Think

Man covering mouth

We have all been in that awkward situation where we blurted out something before we took the time to think it through, but successful people do their best to make sure this is an exception and not the rule. Taking time to put together what you are going to say before you say it not only helps you get your message across, but it also helps you avoid hurting others or making enemies later down the road.

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8. Thinking Inside the Box

Thinking inside the box can be a catastrophe for your personal success, and most of the most successful people among us are those that are unafraid to do something differently than it has ever been done before. Many times, success comes as a result of thinking and acting outside of the box.

9. Resisting Change

Woman in bubble

Resisting change is basically like resisting success; success is made out of being able to adapt to change and still find ways to be successful despite your circumstances. No one has ever been successful without being able to learn new lessons, apply new principles, and ultimately adapt to things outside of their control. Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, and every other successful company in the world has found success only through dealing with change; you don’t have to like it, but successful people don’t resist change – they embrace it.

10. Looking for the Easy Way Out

Most of us, when given the choice, tend to choose the easy way out. We tend to pick fast food over cooking ourselves, we search out the things closest to us, and we often avoid any paths that might be more difficult, but success isn’t just found on the difficult path – it often requires it. Success isn’t usually easy or simple, and successful people get used to taking the difficult roads, not the easy ones.

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Success can be had by all, and one of the first steps to finding your own success is getting away from the habits and behaviors that prevent you from being successful. These 10 behaviors are all self-limiting habits that hold you back and prevent you from creating the type of life that you desire, so if you desire more success, more happiness, and more personal victory, start cutting out these habits and forming better ones.

Stop looking for the easy way out, be more honest, think before you speak, stop resisting change, think outside the box, dream and take action, don’t gossip, don’t be lazy, don’t pity yourself, and stop comparing yourself to others. These are just a few of the tips that can help make you successful.

Are you looking for your own success? What types of actions and behaviors do you avoid each day to become successful? I would love to hear from you, so please feel free to leave a comment with any tips or observations of your own.