10 Signs it’s an Employment Scam!

In a tough climate, the desperation for jobs takes over any precautions that job seekers would normally have when applying for a vacancy. The urgency of securing a job offer and earning an income to pay bills has caused many unsuspecting job seekers to fall victim to malicious and destructive employment scams.

The more complex and sophisticated the job scam, the harder it is to spot that it is in fact a fraudulent company trying to get financial or personal information from you.

Here are the top 10 signs that the job you are about to apply for it a job scam!

#1 Marketing over kill!

When a job advert is very promotional and uses many exclamation marks to reiterate the greatness of the job, it is likely that it is a scam. Look out for how the advert is worded and structured on the page.

#2 Too good to be true

If the job sounds far too good to be true, then it is highly likely that the job is a scam. Stating that you can earn a lot of money, for very little input or work, sounds great to job seekers desperate for work, but the reality is that this opportunity is just a way of enticing you to defraud you.

#3 Unprofessional email

If the email you receive from the company is too friendly, or has a very personal/unprofessional approach to it, then this may lead to you consider whether the company is a scam or not.

#4 Paying upfront

Even if the advert states that you are guaranteed to make money, if you are required to pay your own money upfront first, then this is a clear indication it is a scam never pay for anything upfront and certainly never pay for an interview or job offer.

#5 Assembly job scams

If you are required to stuff envelops or build products, and then await for your payment, be careful – this too could be a scam. You may find that you spend a month stuffing envelopes, send them off, but then never receive payment for it.

#6 Requirement of a photo

If a job offer requires to you submit a photo of yourself above and before any other information from you, then this may be a scam. If a company needs your picture for a job that has no relevance to the way you look, then they may be engaging in something suspicious.

job search
job search

#7 You are told to keep it quiet!

If the company request that you keep your employment agreement and job tasks private and confidential from any other person, it is likely that the company does not want to broadcast what they are doing. If it is a scam, then the company is most probably trying to keep their fraudulent behavior under wraps.

#8 No online presence

If the company does not have a website, or any other online presence in the form of social media profiles for example, then beware. It is likely that the company does not want to promote themselves in any way as their activities are completely illegal.

#9 You are asked for your personal information

If a company requires sensitive information from you, such as your passport, home address or any type of financial information including bank account details or passwords then steer clear! You may become the victim of financial fraud or ID theft.

#10 Prizes

It is highly unlikely that a genuine company would offer prizes or monetary rewards to candidates who apply for a job with them. If the job advert states that you can win a prize, or that you will be entered into a prize draw after filling in a simple personal contact form, then it is probable that the offer is nothing more than a scam.