10 Signs of a Great Coworker


Great coworkers are worth their weight in gold or even osmium. So, how do you know when you’ve got one by your side? I’ve had the privilege of working with many; here are ten ways to spot a good’un:

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1. They are self-composed.

Great coworkers don’t play up to any particular type or label, for example ‘the office genius’; instead, they go about their business confidently and unassumingly, inspiring others with their attitude and their hard work ethic.

2. If they don’t have the answers, they will know someone who does.

They will typically go the extra mile to help others out. Although they will usually have the answers, if they don’t, chances are that they will know where you should go to find the answer. And they’ll take you there.

3. They are great at what they do.

Great coworkers are the bright sparks of life, the ones who can deconstruct a complex algorithm into its simplest terms and explain it to you without you feeling a bit ‘duh’. They are confident in their abilities and they consistently add value to others’ work. When we’re feeling stuck, they are our first port of call.

4. They are professional.

For great coworkers, manners are never outdated. They engage their colleagues in a respectful and professional manner at all times. Emails are returned promptly. Phone messages are not ignored. Their manners make others’ feel truly valued.

5. They respect others’ time.

You won’t find them hovering outside someone’s cubicle while they are busy with another person, or hanging around waiting for them to finish a phone conversation. They don’t fire off emails after working hours expecting an instantaneous reply.

6. They respect their own time.

Great coworkers know how to work hard and play hard. They are the ones who seldom ask for an extension on a deadline; such is their level of productivity. They also take their full allocated lunch breaks, and use the time to rest or catch up with friends and colleagues.

7. They don’t partake in office gossip.

They are genuinely uninterested by office gossip, and appear too busy to engage in it. You seldom find them griping about work either (at least, not when they are at work), they are too professional.

8. They are the first to make new hires welcome.

Their ‘great coworker’ reputation means that they are the first stop for every new hire in the department. Great coworkers are friendly and make newbies feel at home (perhaps they know that the new hire could be the VP in a few years’ time?) They may be the most senior in the department, but their healthy ego wouldn’t betray this.

9. Work is a means, not an end.

Although they typically like their jobs, great coworkers do not define themselves by their jobs. Their jobs are a means to an end. They know that work is but a part of their life and treat it as such. Their wisdom and perspective enables them to succeed where others fail.

10. They are one of life’s optimists.

Their personality is overwhelmingly and infectiously optimistic. They see bad events as temporary setbacks; they allow positive events to pervade every area of their lives rather than restrict the event to the particular area in which it transpired; and they have a confident outlook on life.

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Do you have great co-worker? Do your colleagues view you as a great coworker? Let me know!

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