10 Signs You are the Office Chatterbox

Awkward silence is a thing many of us feel when having conversations with people we meet for the first time. They occur during first dates, when you don’t know enough about the other person to keep the conversation going. They happen in elevators when you are uncomfortably close to strangers. Also, they often happen when a professor asks a question to a class of clueless students. We’ve all be one of the clueless students before. Except for you. You have never had an awkward moment before in your life. You always have something to chit chat about. When you first learned to talk, it was impressive. Your family thought you were a little baby genius. As you got older, it became less extraordinary and more annoying. You talked constantly and people tried to listen but eventually gave up up caring whether they’d hurt your feelings and walked away. But you didn’t care. You had things to say and you wanted to keep spewing out your words of importance. At least things that were important to you.

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Your talkative nature continued on into your work life and it has gotten you into trouble a few times. Your boss is on your case daily so that you can actually do your job and not spend the entire day talking. It was annoying at first, but you’ve gotten used to it. Being the office chatterbox is not something you chose. It is who you are. You aren’t ashamed. You run your mouth like it was your job, even though it’s not. It would be nice if you got paid to talk instead, but that is just wishful thinking.  If you are still unsure on whether you are the office chatterbox, here are 10 signs to find out.

1. You’ve Been Told You Talk Really Fast

Talking faster than normal isn’t a talent you were born with. It’s not exactly something to glute about either. You developed it as you talked more and more. People constantly ask you to slow down. The day feels odd to you if you are never asked to repeat yourself at least twice.  You don’t even realize that you are talking so fast because it sounds completely normal to you. Your colleagues ask you to repeat things when they think it is relevant to the job, but when they find out that it’s not, they smile and walk away. Your mouth is a little too fast for people to handle.

2. Your Colleagues Always End The Conversation First

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Being the chatterbox that you are, it is hard to stop yourself from continuing a conversation. What feels like talking for five minutes to you, is actually 30 minutes to everyone else. Your colleagues don’t hesitate to end the conversation and walk away. They have other things to do besides listen to you dribble on. Unless you are talking about how to make the company better, they don’t want to hear it. It sucks, but it’s true.

3. Everyone Knows You at The Office

Your chatterbox ways doesn’t discriminate against anyone. You talk to anyone and everyone around the office. Everyone has come to know who you are. They know your job duties, your work hours, your fear of spiders, and how you are obsessed with ranch dressing. When I say your colleagues know you, they REALLY know you.

4. Your Boss Tells You to Shut Up Constantly

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Your non-stop chatter doesn’t go unnoticed. Every time your boss hears your voice, he is right there in your face to tell you to shut up and work. He does it so often, it’s odd that you haven’t been fired yet. You must be really good at your job or something. Nonetheless, you might be pushing your luck. Your boss isn’t going to waste his breath for much longer.

5. You Have to Time Your Presentations

Typically, people make quick and concise statements when presenting something to their colleagues and superiors. No one wants to sit and listen to someone ramble. Presentations are meant to be informative and engaging, not long and tedious. That lesson must have went over your head because your presentations tend to go on for hours. The annoyed facial expressions on your colleagues faces alerted you to the fact that you may be talking too much during your presentation. Since then, you have started timing all of your big presentations to the company.

6. Sometimes You Zone Out When Others Are Talking

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Having an overactive mouth takes away from your other senses. One of them being your ability to listen. When your work buddies are telling you a funny story during lunch, you tend to tune them out. You zone out of the conversation and whatever they are saying goes in one ear and out the other. While they are talking, you are thinking about what you could talk about next. Being a chatterbox doesn’t entail listening to other people talk.  

7. You Hate Emails

You can’t stand sending emails to clients, colleagues, friends, or family. You really can’t stand text messaging either. You would rather call or talk to your colleagues in person. Emails and texts take away the emotion behind a person’s words and you can’t stand that. It is definitely one of your pet peeves. When one of your co-workers ask you a question via email, you walk to their desk to reply. You can’t even bring yourself to type a reply.

8. You Never Meet Your Work Goals

You talk so much that you can never seem to meet your quotas for work. Your boss sets goals for the team everyday and you just can’t seem to reach them. You are probably not the only one.The person you tend to talk to during the day isn’t meeting their goals either, thanks to you. You should probably get your mouth in check before you bring the company down.

9. You Are Kept Away From New Clients

I’m sorry to break it to you but not everyone wants to talk to you. What I mean to say is that no one wants to hear you talk all the time. Your boss is aware that you are a chatterbox and keeps you away from all of the potential clients because you might scare them away. No one wants to be cornered when they enter into uncharted territory. Your constant talking is a little overwhelming sometimes and your boss keeps you busy when new clients enter into the building.

10. You Are Always Thirsty

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Talking so much comes with side effects. You are constantly thirsty because your mouth is always so dry. You have your bottle of water at work with you all the time. You have it during your morning meetings, at your desk, at lunch, and when you are visiting your colleagues. You are willing to deal with dry mouth as an aftereffect of being the office chatterbox.

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Being the office chatterbox is a position you have attained from being who you are and doing what you’ve always done, talk. You enjoy telling people about your day, sharing your opinion, and selfishly listening to the sound of your own voice. Although being a chatterbox may get you into trouble every now and then, there is nothing you would change. Talking is what you enjoy and will continue to do.

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