10 Signs You Have an Arch Enemy at Work

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A day at the office can have its ups and downs. You can have the best day ever and enjoy every minute of working. Or you could have the worst day and want to murder all of your co-workers. You never know what kind of a day you are going to have until it happens. But there are some people who know they are going to have a horrible day at work. It’s not a feeling they receive and they are not psychics who can see the future. These professionals have experienced symptoms of a bad day at work on a daily basis. These symptoms are not coincidences and they are not caused by annoying work tasks. They are caused by their arch enemies at work.

Your arch enemy decided to dislike you from the very moment you stepped into the building. You never knew why and after a while you started to not care. They didn’t bother to ever give you a reason as to why they wanted to make your work life miserable. You just accepted the fact that this person didn’t like you and that’s the way it was. Here are 10 signs you have an arch enemy at work.

1. Disrupted Space

Everyone has specific places for all of their stuff at work. The picture of you and your spouse goes on the right corner of the desk. Your pens and pencils are neatly on the left. Your sticky notes are arranged in a way only you understand. One morning you come into work and everything has been moved around. You don’t remember there being an earthquake and you are pretty sure no one had a party in the office last night. It could only have been your nemesis. The very breach of privacy should send you over the edge but you know that they only did it to annoy you. Wasting your time being angry is ridiculous and you don’t want to give them the benefit of knowing they got to you.

2. Random Rumors

You are having a typical conversation with your boss and they ask you about your children. You look at them confusingly because you don’t have kids. Unless someone forgot to tell you about your illegitimate kids, you don’t remember ever having children.

You are walking down the hallway and you see people gawking and giggling at you. You don’t bother to ask why because you already know what is going on. Your arch enemy has started spreading rumors about you, again. This person really wants you to run home and cry because they are going out of their way to talk badly of you to everyone in the office.

3. Staring

You are just minding your own business, working hard, and you look up and catch your tormentor staring at you. Not gazing, glancing, or winking, completely staring at you. If their eyes were a gun, they would have shot you a million times during the work day. All you can think is ‘don’t they have anything else to do?’ How are they able to focus all of their attention on you and not on their actual job? Ignoring them is the best solution. Maybe one day, they will give up and stop giving you the death stare.

4. Ignoring you

When you first started, you went to your co-workers for advice and help. You would ask them simple things such as where the bathroom was or how to fix the copy machine. But there was one colleague that ignored you. They bluntly dismissed every word you said. They would walk away when you approached or completely started a new conversation with someone else when you were talking. Their purpose was to make you feel invisible. Being ignored is a sure fire way to know that you have found your arch enemy at work.

5. Going Over Your Head

When your arch nemesis has an issue with your work, they don’t come to you. Instead, they go to your supervisor. You don’t get a chance to explain yourself or try to fix the problem. They go right over your head and run to your boss. They are purposely trying to get you fired.

6. Pointing out your Mistakes

People make mistakes. We are all humans and we are very capable of making errors. But in your work enemy’s world, that rule does not apply to you. You need to be perfect and if not they will gladly point out your mistakes. They will tell your colleagues, supervisor, and pretty much anyone that will listen to them about how you messed up. Try to keep your mistakes to a minimum or you might lose your job thanks to your arch enemy.

7. Missing Food

You label your food for a reason, but apparently that doesn’t matter to some people. You go to the fridge during lunch and find your meal’s gone. There is no logical reason for someone to throw your food away but your arch nemesis does it anyway. At this point, you figure that they should be committed because they are crazy. Maybe you should confront them?

8. Questions you

Every time you throw out an idea to improve the company, you are met with a question from no other than your enemy. Brainstorming is supposed to be free from judgement. All ideas and thoughts are welcome. But your thoughts are questioned and ridiculed by the one person that hates you. You hope and pray that everyone else is noticing how you are being targeted. Even if they don’t, this is your chance to fight back. You know your ideas are good and you are prepared to fire back at the dumb questions your enemy is spewing at you.  

9. Loads you with Work

It is the worst thing in the word when you have to work with someone you hate or vice versa. They will continue to give you more and more assignments, just for the heck of it. They think that this is going to annoy you or maybe you will be overwhelmed. But you prove them wrong and complete every task flawlessly. In your head, you are screaming ‘Bring on the work!’

10. Mimics you

Your arch enemy at work is so jealous of you that they start to mimic everything you do. They start to dress like you, bring the same lunch, and copy your mannerisms. At first, you see this as a form of flattery. It’s nice to know that people think you are awesome. But then you start to get creeped out and realize that they are trying to take your place. Slowly but surely, they are taking over your role and pushing you out of the way. This type of enemy is the worst of all because they are manipulative and smart.

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After reading this, you are probably sure that you have an arch enemy at work and you have probably just realized how crazy they are. You have three options. You can keep doing your job and ignoring everything they do. You can tell your supervisor everything that is going on and hope that they resolve the situation. Or you can run away because you can’t handle all the crazy that your evil colleague is dishing out.Do you have an arch enemy at work? How do you deal with them?