10 Simple Time Management Tips for Working Dads

Working Dad with Kid

As a working dad, it’s difficult to balance your time at work and home. Both your kids and career need your attention hence time becomes limited to you. But there are certain effective tips that you can use to find time for both needs. Consider the following guidelines to improve your time management skills.

1. Evaluate Your Time

Look at the time you spend on each activity. There are some activities that consume a lot of your time yet they can be completed in a short time. Assess your schedule and eliminate unnecessary stuff that consumes your time. In addition, you can change your approach on the way you handle daily tasks.

2. Set Priorities

In any business or life activity, setting priorities is key to success. Priorities ensure that you perform important and urgent tasks first and tackle others later. In addition, it will ensure you utilize your time well and achieve your long-term goals.

3. Organize Yourself

Organization is a key time management aspect. For you to find and create time to accomplish all your tasks, you have to organize information, make deadlines and have reminders. Keep a notebook for recording important stuff like school meetings and work appointments.

4. Learn To Multitask

When bombarded with a lot of work like going over your kids’ homework, paying bills and making appointments, you can multitask. For example, you can make a phone call to book appointments while making breakfast for your children.

5. Shrink the Time Used to Perform Some Tasks

Another popular tip of finding time is shrinking the time used to perform certain activities. For instance, instead of taking a twenty-minute shower you can shorten it to just ten minutes. Additionally, you can shorten some tasks like cooking dinner and the next morning’s breakfast together.

6. Pick Your Activities

There are some activities that you can ignore and live with the outcome. You can do laundry and not iron your clothes immediately. Instead of spending time ironing and arranging them in the wardrobe, you can iron them when you want to wear them. It will help you spare some time.

7. Consider Getting Help

You don’t have to be a super dad and tackle everything by yourself. You can ask for help from your relatives to handle other tasks like taking the children to school or attending school meetings on your behalf.

8. Put Everything in Their Place

Placing everything where they’re supposed to be helps reduce the time you spend looking for misplaced items. Children’s toys and uniforms should be placed together and work folders, too. Keep your children’s sports uniforms, school uniforms and other stuff that they use together for easy access.

9. Teach the Children Some Tasks

Organizing school uniforms, making the beds, putting dishes in the dishwasher and dirty clothes in the laundry basket are simple things to do. Instead of doing them yourself, teach your kids how to perform such tasks and it will help you free up time.

10. Make Extras

When you prepare meals, prepare several meals and keep them in the refrigerator. The stored meals will help you avoid wasting more time in cooking meals.

Time is a valuable asset with plenty of possibilities, but when misused and mismanaged it results in dire consequences. The listed tips, when put into practice, will ensure you have enough time on your hands.