10 Strange Mysteries That Remain Unsolved

Everyone loves a good mystery, and whether it’s a whodunnit, a ghostly tale, or a sudden disappearance, we can’t get enough of them. While most of us get our mystery fill from the latest thrillers and crime novels, there’s a whole load of weird tales out there in the world, waiting to be unearthed. Human history is packed to the rafters with strange tales of the unknown and if they weren’t lifted directly from real life, there’s no way that we would believe they could be true.

Stop what you’re doing, settle in and take some notes; we’ve got some seriously weird unsolved mysteries to share with you, and you’re going to want to pay attention.

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1. The Mayan Empire

At the height of its reign in South America, the Mayan civilization was the most advanced in the world. Creators of complex communication systems, breathtaking architectural feats and intricate ceremonies, the Mayans were unlike anything that had come before. The civilization’s sudden disappearance, then, was very strange indeed and despite a few clues here and there, we’re largely in the dark as to what happened all those years ago. Whilst researchers attempt to put together theories of what actually led to the Mayan demise, we will forever be in the dark.

2. The Wow! Signal

The search for alien life is something that has eluded mankind for decades. In the 1970s, however, we might have come very close to solving the mystery once and for all, following a series of unexplained radio signals picked up from space. Radio telescopes in the mid-70s picked up a sudden high frequency radio signal from outer space beaming towards Earth. Researchers later penciled the mystery signals with a large red "Wow!" which eventually gave the data its name. Whilst attempts were made to make contact again with the signal, the frequency has never been detected again, leading many people to assume that it came from alien life.

3. The Voynich Manuscript

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A medieval transcript that was unearthed in the early 20th century, the Voynich Manuscript is filled with pages of unknown plants and strange symbols. Researchers have proposed varied theories relating to the script’s origins over the years and while it has been suggested that it has roots in alchemy, or the creation story, historians are still none the wiser on the meaning of the writings inside. For now, the meaning and past of the scripts remains an unsolved mystery.

4. The Beale Ciphers

Made up of three large ciphertexts, the mysterious Beale Ciphers are said to reveal the location of an American buried treasure. For years, researchers have toiled away, attempting to crack the code engraved on the ciphers and whilst they might have solved the first text, they are still a long way from breaking the entire code. Treasure hunters are convinced that the treasure lies in Bedford County, Virginia and although anything is yet to be found, diggers still hold out hope.

5. The Siberian Sinkholes

Home to one of the most desolate and most isolated landscapes in the world, Siberia is one of the most uninhabited places on the planet. When a number of large sinkholes appeared in the north of the country, scientists were therefore at a loss as to what caused them. Theories for the holes’ sudden appearance have ranged from the presence subterranean alien life to secret government fracking, and although researchers continue to try and crack the case, no theory is yet to stick.

6. The Georgia Guidestones

America’s answer to Stonehenge, the Georgia Guidestones are a little different to most monuments of their kind. Engraved with eight different languages, the granite stones’ message is clearly deciphered, presenting a number of different commandments. However, the precise purpose of the stones has caused much speculation over the years, with few people understanding the real reason they were created. Calling for a number of controversial new world laws, the stones have been ordered to be destroyed on more than one occasion for fear of the global cataclysm they could predict.

7. Rongorongo

Located in middle of the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island is a place filled with mysterious customs and ancient traditions. Despite having been uninhabited for many years, the island was found to contain a number of strange stone engravings, covered in undecipherable glyphs. To this day, the symbols remain a mystery and whilst theorists believe the stones could contain insight regarding the mystery of the ancient civilization’s sudden collapse, no one will truly ever know what they say.

8. The Kryptos Code

Home to some of the most secure secrets in the world, it comes as little surprise that the CIA headquarters contain one of the most mysterious sculptures in the world. Created by an artist in the 90s, the Kyptos Code contains four sections of encrypted messages, three of which have already been solved. Theorists have found themselves stumped at the final message, however, and no matter how hard they try, they cannot solve the mystery of the fourth cipher.

9. The Taos Hum

If you visit the small town of Taos in New Mexico, you might just be in for a strange surprise. For years, visitors and locals have complained about the presence of a strange, low frequency sound which can be heard throughout the town. Whilst suggestions have been made that the notorious hum is the result of mind control signals or UFOs, such theories have not shed any light on the strange mystery.

10. The Shugborough Inscripton

Shugborough Inscription

Ever since its discovery 250 years ago, the Shugborough Inscription has caused widespread speculation. Nestled in the English countryside, the stone monument is engraved with a series of undecipherable letters which seem to make no sense. According to theorists, however, the strange sequence could have a hidden meaning, revealing the location of the Holy Grail or the Knights Templar.

Wherever you go in the world, there is a mystery to be told. The long and winding history of mankind is filled with strange and bizarre tales and, along the way, we seem to have lost track of the truth. Whilst we hunt endlessly for the meaning behind some of the greatest mysteries, we will never truly know if we have hit the nail on the head, destined instead to search for meaning until the end of time.

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