10 Things a Bad Boss Says and Does

Having a bad boss can be a nightmare. If your boss is saying or doing any of these things you need to be careful. Here are ten things bad bosses do! 

A bad boss not only has the power to determine how you work in the office, but also your job satisfaction and happiness. If your relationship with your boss is suffering, and you don’t feel appreciated for any reason, you must be having a hard time at work. But, what does it mean to have a bad boss? Does this mean he/she is too demanding? Or does it have to do with how your boss behaves towards you?

If you are unsure about how a bad boss behaves at work, here are some of the things a bad boss says and does so that you can be wary of him/her.

1. Expects You to Be Like Him/Her

Every boss has high expectations, but bad bosses expect you to be just like them. They want you to be on-call during weekends and think about work 24 hours per day. While having a high work ethic ensures that you do your job effectively, this doesn’t mean that you can work at the same pace as your workaholic boss does.

2. Gives No Feedback

bad advice boss

Constructive feedback is important in the workplace. Every employee needs some consultation and advice on how to carry out their job effectively. This will also allow them to grow professionally as individuals and as part of a team. When a boss fails to provide feedback, the team often gets disorganized as they don't have a clear sense of direction.

3. Doesn’t Say ‘Thank You’

meeting with boss

A boss who doesn’t appreciate his/her employees’ efforts and blames them for their mistakes will rarely turn to them and say thank you. Not only is this counterproductive, but it also gives the impression that workers aren’t contributing enough and need to try harder to get praise from their boss. This only puts more pressure on employees and probably makes them miserable.

4. Gives Bad Advice

thumbs up thumbs down

A bad boss is more likely to give you bad advice, act on impulse and make quick judgments about situations at work or even other people. If you feel that your boss’s advice doesn’t make sense for the company and as such you are second-guessing his/her intentions, perhaps you are right to doubt your boss. Before you disagree, however, you need to talk it out with your boss and find out his/her true intentions.

5. Tells Lies

lying boss

If you are working for a boss who isn’t trustworthy, your relationship with him/her and your work are probably suffering. Since trust is the foundation of productivity and helps to promote success in the business, you need to do your best to encourage honesty and learn all of the facts before you start doubting your boss.

6. Ignores Employees

ignores employees

When a worker needs the help of the boss, but he/she chooses to ignore them then this is called bad management. One of the key roles of a boss is to provide support and guidance whenever needed. But, if they don't provide this to their employees, it means there is a serious communication issue between the management and the rest of the team.

7. Says ‘I Am Always Right’

proud boss

A bad boss rarely spends much time thinking about other people’s opinion because he/she thinks their viewpoint is always correct. But, as stubborn as your boss is, you have to show him/her that it’s better to be open to new ideas and interpretations. Focusing on the good things that can come from this will help your boss understand that he/she needs to change their behaviour.

8. Micromanages

micromanager boss

Micromanaging employees is one of the worst things that a boss can do. While some sense of supervision and control needs to be present, it’s usually micromanaging that destroys the morale of employees and kills productivity. Numerous studies have proved employees need to feel independent and comfortable in their work environment to express their creativity and bring out the best in themselves.

9. Says ‘It’s Your Fault’

A bad boss doesn’t take responsibility for his/her actions and instead blames other people for their mistakes. Even if a worker has made a mistake, it’s not nice to rub it in their face, say it’s their fault and ask them to fix it without explaining why and how. A good boss knows that providing support to employees is vital to the success of the business.

10. Makes Promises

boss makes promises

Promising an employee a promotion and sticking to that statement is a whole other issue than making a promise you can’t keep. The best way to handle a boss who promises raises, bigger responsibilities or a better position is to have a one-to-one conversation with him/her. So, don’t be afraid to go to your boss and have a talk about it or even discussing your future in the company.

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If you have a boss who does all of these things, perhaps it’s time to sit down and talk with him/her or look for another job. What would you do? Let me know in the comments section below…




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