10 Things Confident People Never Do

Self-confidence is something we all strive for. Some of us are born with it, while some of us are likely to develop it as we grow up. For the longest time, confidence was believed to be a trait that was developed through personal interaction and parenting. Parents would encourage their children to develop their skills and compliment them when they did a great job, and sometimes they would compliment them even if they hadn’t done such a great job. By surrounding themselves with supportive friends and self- confident peers, children developed that sense of ‘I’m perfect the way I am’ mindset. However, research published in an issue of Psychological Science, argues that confidence is also genetic. After studying 3700 pairs of twins, both identical and fraternal, Corina Greven, behavioral geneticist, and her associate Robert Plomin found that self-confidence is more than “just a state of mind”, it is biological.

Although, it has been proven that confidence is something we are born with, that does not mean that it cannot be developed throughout life. Millions of people gain their belief in themselves from their parents, coaches, teachers, and/or counselors. Some people don’t get confidence until they reach their college years. Either way, confidence is something that is necessary to thrive in life. Trusting in one’s own abilities can benefit a person’s career. You will be given more responsibility at work because you know everything about your field and let everyone else know it without being obnoxious. Self-confidence is also definitely useful when journeying into the dating scene. You will have the courage to approach others you find attractive at the bar, gym, or next door. You can also use confidence to make changes to your world. You can change the way people impact the earth and each other by voicing your concerns.

Confident people carry themselves in a different way than others. They have a certain aura they give off and there are somethings that they tend to do more than other people. Going over the things that confident people do would be boring and repetitive. Here are ten things confident people never do instead.

1. Regret Their Decisions

Have you ever heard the saying “live without regrets”? Well, confident people have and they embrace it to the max. When they make decisions, they stick to them and never regret them. If they make a critical business decision, they push it through and makes sure it gets done. When they decide to break up with their significant other they don’t hold back or change their mind. Their decisions are final and they don’t look back.

2. Fear Public Speaking


Big crowds are what confident people love. Public speaking just seems to come naturally for them. Nerves are not something they feel when giving speeches or talking within a big group of people. They know how to command a crowd and are able to do it with grace. Even when they may not have a clue what they are talking about, people tend to listen to them. They could talk about how the sky is blue and the world is flat, and everyone would agree. Having confidence is that powerful. They are capable of telling jokes and evoking emotion whenever they speak. Their confidence transpires into being outgoing and they are known to others as social butterflies.  

3. Practice Bad Posture

Slouching, or slumping, is not only bad posture, it is also something confident people never do. Body language has a direct relationship with the way we feel, so people with self-confidence carry themselves a certain way. They stand tall, with their heads held high, which conveys their sense of pride and accomplishment. Slumping would only give the perception of embarrassment and would make them seem as if they have something to hide. Would you ever listen to someone that slouches? Probably not. Confident people never hide. They tower over others. 

4. Let Others Define Them

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People will always have something to say (and it’s usually something stupid), but that does not affect those with confidence. They have an immense belief in themselves and their talents and don’t fret when faced with negative comments or unwanted rumors. Although, they are open to criticism and know how to take it, they do not let the judgement of others get inside their heads. They continue to be who they are, regardless of what other people think.

5. Judge Others

Judging other people is for those who need to feel good about themselves and self-confident people don’t have a problem in that department. They don’t feel the urge to bring people down, instead they pay it forward and make an effort to make other people feel better about themselves. They make it a priority to let someone know that they have done good job and that they should be proud of themselves.

6. Not Advocate for the Things They Believe In

Confident people don’t just speak up for the outcast, they also stand up for what they believe in. When it comes to political and social issues, they don’t stand to the side. They dish out their opinions as if it were their job. They are not afraid to protest and advocate for what they stand for. Whether it is same sex marriage, poverty, world leaders, or animal rights, self-confident people are not afraid to say how they feel about the issue. 

7. Wear Clothes That Don't Express Their Self Confidence

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Bright, bold, and daring are the type of clothes confident people wear. They don’t do it to stand out, they do it because they can. They wear whatever they like and are able to rock the most daring looks. Confident people are trendsetters. Plain clothes and outfits do not appeal to the minds of people with self-confidence. They are far from basic and their outfits give evidence of that. They know they are attractive and stylish, and are not afraid to flaunt it.

8. Seclude Themselves

As stated before, self-confident people are socialites. They never feel the need to drift away from the crowd. They leave themselves open and have a charismatic appeal to them that invites others into their vicinity. Their personality keeps them from sitting alone at the bar or scurrying off to the corner. Being alone is not a part of their M.O.

9. Brag About Their Achievements

Glutting and bragging about their abilities is not on a confident person’s list of things to do. They don’t feel the need to let everyone know about their accomplishments. They are content with themselves and seek gratitude from within, not from other people. Plus, bragging is a nasty habit that confident people don’t plan on embracing.

10. Deter Away From Goals


With confidence comes ambition. And with ambition comes goals. Confident people set their sights high and don’t let anything get in their way. They have goals of being CEOs, doctors, lawyers, actors, and political leaders. They study hard in school and study even harder in college. They work their way up the corporate ladder, according to their own design and at their own pace. Confident people attract successful people and cut loose negative peers. They never deter away from their goals, no matter what obstacles they face.

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Confidence is a great quality to have no matter what. Don’t get it confused with cockiness because there is a big difference. Confidence is settle and not overbearing. Confidence is decisive but not controlling. Confidence is opinionated but not out spoken. People with self-confidence are graceful and internally motivated to achieve their aspirations. If you want to be one of those people, try not to do the things listed above.