10 Things Emotionally Stable People Don’t Do

As an emotionally stable individual, you have the power to view the world differently than others. Your mental strength allows you to remain calm in any given situation and effectively overcome every challenge that comes your way. This kind of toughness is vital to your survival and development in life.  

Once you have reached emotional stability, you automatically improve your quality of life and overall wellbeing. That’s when you become more centered and more of who you truly are. Additionally, you become better at decision-making, and controlling your emotions and behaviour which is critical skills for success.

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Now, let’s go over the list of things emotionally stable people don’t do to help you to develop your mental toughness:

1. They don’t hate themselves


On the contrary, emotionally strong people love themselves. They never doubt but regard themselves highly. Even when they are not at their best, they find the power to get rid of negative self-loathing thoughts and instead choose to embrace more positive self-loving thinking. However, this doesn’t mean they are too self-absorbed only that they respect and love themselves for who they are.

2. They don’t let other people bring them down

Emotionally stable individuals don’t give their haters the right to bring them down. They hardly ever get offended by other peoples’ opinions and behaviour and they don’t take things too personally. They realise that each person has their own insecurities, responsibilities and struggles and that this shouldn’t affect them in any way. They are too busy with the plans they’ve got for themselves, so they don’t really care about what anybody has to say about them.

3. They don’t do things they don’t want to do


They never let others influence them into doing something they don’t want to do. The emotionally strong realise the importance of doing what they love and they manage to focus on that while trying to make things work for themselves. This mainly has to do with their ability to say no to those things that they don’t believe are worth their time or have no real value towards their own goals and expectations in life.

4. They don’t beg for attention

That’s because they don’t need any. The emotionally stable are able to manage their own emotions and fight their insecurities. This means that they are emotionally independent as they don’t rely on other people. It also proves that these people are well aware of their worth and have no need for recognition.

5. They don’t despair

Emotionally strong people don’t let anything drive them to despair. When things get tough, they know that there’s always a solution to their problems as they choose to believe in hope. This is their secret to effectively breaking down barriers they find in their way. No matter how difficult a situation is, giving up is not an option for these guys. They just pick themselves back up and keep on going.

6. They don’t pretend to be perfect

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Despite the fact that they love themselves, emotionally stable individuals are capable of identifying their own weaknesses and limitations. They’ve come to realise that they are not perfect and that’s ok because nobody else is. This is the reason they don’t try or pretend to be perfect and take full responsibility of their actions and mistakes. As such, they regard their failures as the best fuel for self-development and success.

7. They don’t hold grudges

Unless they are Scorpios, emotionally strong people won’t hold grudges. If someone wrongs them and apologises to them, then they forgive them. If they don’t, they’ll choose not to interact with them anymore, but they won’t hold a grudge for what that person did to them. That’s because they know doing so will only waste valuable time and energy.

8. They aren’t afraid to love

Those who are able to control their emotions effectively aren’t afraid of trying new things or giving into loving another human being. This means that they are not reluctant to express their love for another person even if it leads to getting their heart broken. They are well aware of the fact that if the relationship doesn’t work out, this is not entirely their fault and they’re grateful for what happened.

9. They don’t have the need to fit in


People who have achieved emotional stability don’t feel the need to fit in. Existing in a universe that’s called planet earth is more than enough for them to be healthy and happy. The constant need to be a part of a group is considered to be a weakness as it is self-limiting. Nothing else screams ‘I want to be myself’ louder than being able to be entirely independent.

10. They don’t act on impulse

Emotionally stable individuals take the time to think things through before making a decision. This is particularly evident when interacting with other people. They are not quick to act on impulse and reveal their true emotions. Instead, they choose to respond mindfully, looking at the different perspectives of every situation. 

As you can see, developing emotional toughness is essential as this will help you make better decisions in life. It will allow you to evaluate situations more effectively and deal with potential challenges along the way with a positive outlook!

Finally, check out this TedEx Talk from Guy Winch that discusses the importance of taking good care of your emotions and mind through practicing emotional hygiene:

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So, do you consider yourself an emotionally stable individual? Let us know what you think in the comments section below…