10 Things Not to Wear to a Job Interview

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It is often said that we need to dress to impress, but when it comes to a job interview a single fashion faux pas could lead to a negative first impression. The first judgment an interviewer makes is primarily based on how you look and what you wear and arguably your attire will also play a vital role in dictating the final outcome. No matter what type of interview you have scored, there are still some fundamental guidelines which should be followed.


Here are ten things you should avoid wearing when attending a job interview in order to dress professionally and separate your social image from your professional presence…

Loud shirts

Shirts with extreme print designs, weird patterns and intense colours could distract the employer too much from what you are saying. Avoid garish patterns on shirts or ties and choose a tie that will complement the entire ensemble.


Instead of wearing a casual t-shirt which is too informal, choose to wear a shirt even with a few buttons at the top.

High heels

Girls remember to keep heels to a sensible height. It’s not your height that will win the recruiter, but your wit, individuality and competency to do the job.

Shirts with slogans on the front

You will not stand out in a positive light when you wear a shirt with a funny, offensive or vulgar message.


Even if you know that the company you are interviewing for allows employees to wear jeans, you are better off wearing pants. Better to be safe than sorry!

See-through materials

A job interview is not a flashy social event for which the more eccentrically you dress, the better impression you make. See-through clothes have no place in a job interview.

Fluorescent colours

Bright colours are as inappropriate as loud, patterned shirts, ties or socks. Choose a plain white or dark coloured shirt combined with a single-coloured tie and go for a black and or brown shoes.


Going to an interview is not the same as going on picnic or hiking. Only bring a handbag or laptop bag if you need to carry something on you.


Even if it is unbearably hot, please don’t wear flip-flops or sandals to go to the interview.  You might give the impression that you are longing for summer holidays instead of the job you are hoping to land.

Skirts that are too short

Girls pay attention! You are attending the interview for a reason. You want to show the employer that you have what they need, not to seduce them with your sexy appearance.

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These are just a few ideas on what to avoid wearing to a job interview and make a winning first impression. Do you have any more things to add to the list? Please tell us in the comments section below...