10 Things People in Their 20s Should Stop Doing Today


Millennials who are in their 20s today tend to share some common characteristics: they think they know everything already, binge watching is just as important as selfies and they work at jobs they hate to pay their student loans. Is this what life is all about?

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In 2015, adults in their 20s tend believe they have all the answers to all of life’s problems. Moreover, they’re too entrenched in technology and have forgotten how to live life. This will not bode well for their future because they won’t be experiencing what this world has to offer. It doesn’t have to be traveling to Milan, it could be as simple doing something fun in your hometown.

Although it can be a lot more comfortable and easy to live a life of atrophy, solitude and consumption, it won’t bring about genuine happiness and you won’t learn any new values, principles or philosophy. Instead, you’ll just know about pop culture and how much you detest your job.

Here are 10 things people in their 20s should stop doing today:

1. Caring What Others Think About You

Living life caring how others perceive you isn’t living life at all. A lot of people in their 20s make the mistake of trying to dress to impress strangers, watching the latest TV shows to follow what other people are saying or buying the newest iPhone to keep up with the latest fads. If you don’t like to do this then why are you doing it? You should be going about your daily life doing things you want to do.

2. Sitting and Staring at the Television for Hours

You just arrived from a long day at work. You had your dinner so now would be the time sit in front of the television watching shows, commercials and the news for hours on end right until you have to go to bed. Although this may be OK in the middle of winter when it’s unbearable outside, it’s not fine when it’s sunny outside with 25-degree temperatures. Rather than binge-watching, go for a walk.

3. Keeping up with the Joneses

Of course, this phenomenon of keeping up with the Joneses isn’t something new and relegated only to those in their 20s today. This has been a trend for eons for all age groups, but why? Why are we updating our houses, purchasing expensive cars and going to expensive restaurants just so we can keep up with our neighbors, friends and in-laws? What’s the point? If you’re in debt then this is simply foolish, especially when you’re young.

4. Maintaining That High School Identity

Unfortunately, some people in their 20s never really grow up, and they’re stuck in that high school mentality. This usually consists of gossiping, staying in cliques, bullying others and being immature. We all have to grow up sometime; nobody wants to be that 16-year-old who’s arrogant, obnoxious, rude and full of him or herself. Grow up and get rid of that attitude.

5. Living Life with Terrible Habits

Regular smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, immense cursing and insistent marijuana smoking are terrible habits to have. If you still have these habits in your 20s then a few things may happen: you’ll be broke, your health will deteriorate and you’ll never break these habits in your 30s, 40s and so on. If you think these behaviors are ok, then you’re wrong. There’s so much around you to get high on and live life.

6. Refraining From Learning Anything New

Again, young adults tend to think they know everything already and that there is no more purpose in living. Besides, you now have a $50,000 college degree! Wrong. It doesn’t matter if you’re 20 or 100, you can always learn something new. Insisting on not reading books or studying a new topic will leave you in the dust and leave your mind wanting more. Whether it’s quantum physics, cloud computing or Austrian economics, you should always be learning.

7. Going Through Life in a Routine

It’s understandable that sometimes you can get shackled into a daily routine. You wake up, go to work, return home, eat dinner and then go to bed. This may seem great for the first year or two, but after doing this for 10 years, you’re going to be extremely bored - boredom is a symptom of first-world problems, of course. Instead, change up your routine. Go to a yoga class once a week, head out to the movies on a Thursday night, do some fishing on a Tuesday morning (if possible) and anything else that can invigorate your schedule.

8. Being Antisocial

Let’s face it: we’re comfortable with our current crop of friends we’ve known since secondary school or college. So why bother getting to know other people? This is something that you should cease immediately because you can never have enough friends or acquaintances. By having a greater social circle or support group, you can practice empathy, learn about new things and garner new experiences. Although we can be weary of strangers at coffee shops or bookstores, we should be more open to meeting others.

9. Frittering Money Away

People in their 20’s are constantly accused of frittering money away. Today, more young people go out to restaurants than cook at home. This is an unwise move because not only are you spending a lot of money, you’re not learning how to cook new meals or maintaining your culinary skills. Instead of constantly going to expensive restaurants, start to cook more at home. You can invite your friends, host a party or have a dinner for watching a foreign film.

10. Thinking You're Old

Finally, thinking you’re old is quite strange when you’re in your 20s. You may have already started to feel the changes of getting a year older: you need to wear glasses now; you can’t stay up all night without feeling tired and your biological clock is ticking. However, if you’re 23, 25 or 29, you should realize that you’re not old. The average life expectancy for people in the West is 70 or 80, so you have a considerable number of years ahead of you yet.

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Being 22, 25 or 28 can be a quandary. In one case, we have to attain educational qualifications and find employment opportunities. In another, we have to enjoy life while we’re young because we may never get the chance when we’re 45. If you can find the right balance, then you’re going to be very happy growing up with plenty of memories, new ideas and gratitude.

How many of these things do you still do? After reading this article would you consider giving them up?