10 Things That Show You are a Supertasker

On an average, four in ten young people are considered ‘supertaskers’. This means they’re able to switch seamlessly between electronic devices during their day-to-day activities. There are a significant number of advantages to falling in this category. If you’re a supertasker, you can take advantage of a range of new technologies, and the chances are this makes you more productive and efficient than your co-workers.

Here are ten things that show you are one of these supertaskers.

 1. A Combination of Items

One sign that you’re a supertasker is you have at least two or three personal devices in use on a regular basis. This could include a laptop, a smartphone, and a tablet. But there are also other things like wearable technology that make you a supertasker.

2. Waking Up

More than half of the Generation Y batch of young people will immediately check their smartphones as soon as they wake up. They will often do this before looking at another human being that day. Some people will even sit in bed and start working before they begin their day.

3. Getting Robbed

In a recent survey, one in five Generation X and Generation Y workers said they would be most concerned about having their smartphone stolen more than anything else, including money and credit cards.

4. Data Over Security

Security isn’t as important as unlimited data. Four in ten young professionals said they would rather have unlimited data in exchange for allowing their carrier to access all their personal data.

5. Hardline is Over

Television has lost its place as the most important electronic item in a person’s life, according to recent surveys. The majority of young professionals would now rather give up the TV and keep their smartphones, if they had to decide between the two.

6. Setting a Schedule and Working Remotely

Supertaskers still consider salary as the most important factor when choosing a job. What they said was the ability to set their own schedule and work remotely now figured as the second most important factor. In HR this was particularly high as 33% of professionals said these two factors were essential when choosing a job.

7. The Number of Apps

Over half of young professionals have over 20 apps on their smartphones. There’s also strong evidence that points to Millennials relying entirely on personal apps to get them through the day. This would also explain why young people are often glued to their phones.

8. Getting Ahead of the Game

Supertaskers are using their mobile skills to win promotions within their organisations. The majority of HR professionals now believe that supertaskers have a significant advantage when it comes to becoming the highest performer within the workplace. It demonstrates how a concrete understanding of the latest mobile technology is crucial to getting on in the workplace.

9.  Never Off

Three in ten professionals now make themselves available digitally at all hours. More than 50% of all young professionals would say that they’re available 24/7. This is an example of the conventional nine-to-five work routine falling by the wayside. We never completely disengage from work in the supertasking community.

10.  Working Away

Supertaskers are far more likely to work from obscure locations, such as coffee shops and bars, than anyone else. Workers are becoming more remote than ever before. In fact, in a recent survey a quarter of all workers said that they would relocate to the planet Mars if their company opened a branch there. It just shows how seriously we take work these days, despite the fact technology was supposed to make our lives easier and more care-free.

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