10 Things to Know Before Taking Up a Career in Advertising

Advertising is an industry that will always exist. It’s never going to go out of fashion and it’s impossible to make it obsolete. That means it’s a good bet if you want a career that’s still going to be there when you retire. But advertising isn’t as simple as you think. It’s one of the most diverse industries in the world. Let’s take a look at the ten things you need to know before taking up a career in advertising.

1. What Sort of Advertising?

You can’t just go into advertising. You need to know what sort of advertising interests you. There’s everything from social media advertising to television and radio advertising. Each type of advertising requires different qualifications and experiences.

2. Are You Ready?

Leading on from point A, you need to know that every company will have a different set of standards when it comes to advertising. You must determine whether you have all the right skills to get into advertising. Don’t assume you know what you need to know.

3. Every Company is Different

Moving from one company to another isn’t easy when it comes to advertising. Every company is different. Before applying for any job, familiarise yourself with how the company works and the general culture it promotes.

4. Results-Orientated

This is an industry where you’re measured based on results. Advertising campaigns cost a lot of money. Every mistake can cost thousands of dollars. You need to be prepared to be judged based on your results, not on your attitude. Even the most rotten person in the world can get a job in advertising if they have the results to back themselves up.

5. The Creative Industries

Advertising is unique in that it brings together the cold logic of the corporate world and the brainstorming insanity of the creative industries. You might go to work in a suit, but you will spend lots of time throwing ideas around. You need to be comfortable with operating in both a corporate environment and a creative environment.

6. Competition Switch

The best jobs in advertising are also the most competitive. These competitive roles also demand more from you even after you get a job. You’ll be expected to keep progressing and keep pushing for more every year. Are you comfortable dealing with this sort of pressure?

7. A Learning Experience

Advertisers need to know what appeals to people. They need to know about the trends and the various advertising delivery methods. Successful advertising is a constant race. Understand that you will be expected to learn and learn no matter who you are.

8. Working with Others

Advertisers typically work as part of a huge marketing team. You need to be okay with dealing with people who may have radically different ideas. If you can’t work as part of a team, don’t expect to last long in advertising.

9. You Can Change

One advantage to working in this industry is how quickly you can change. Advertisers do best when they’re flexible. If TV advertising isn’t working for you, you can easily change to another form of advertising and breathe some new life into a flailing career. This isn’t something for people who like to stand still.

10. It’s Ultimately Rewarding

There’s no such thing as a glass ceiling here. Yes, you can drop off a cliff and find yourself out of work, but you can also flourish and take yourself all the way to the top. There are no limits to where you could end up. You could be producing adverts for the government, or even producing the next big Super Bowl half-time ad.