10 Things Unsuccessful Recruiters Constantly Do

It’s not only jobseekers who make mistakes when applying for jobs. Recruiters can make mistakes too! In the ever-changing and fast-evolving job market, often, even those with experience can fall short by succumbing to several mistakes, affecting their chances of long term success.  According to Resoomay, 79% of firms hired candidates who spiced up their CVs, exaggerating their qualifications, skills, experience etc. Also, 25% of recruiters did not check references. The list goes on and on.

Here are ten of the most prominent things unsuccessful recruiters do all the time…

1. Searching for the perfect match

Often, choosing a candidate who has all the desirable skills and experience listed in the job description does not necessarily guarantee that the person will last long in the job simply because there’s nothing new for them to learn. The perfect match would be someone who possesses at least three thirds of the required skills so there’s room for him to grow into the position.

2. Not asking the right interview questions

Many recruiters fail to ask the right questions during the recruitment process and resort merely to superficial questions that don’t help them get the information they need to probe how well someone would do in the job.

3. Relying too heavily on the job description

Job descriptions are often subject to legal sanitization in large corporations to prevent any misunderstandings that can lead to lawsuits. What you are left with, is a plain, generic and sometimes vague description that does not realistically represent what the actual job involves and what’s really required for the position.

4. Relying merely on the interview

According a study by the University of Michigan conducted by the Chally Group, an interview does little in helping the recruiter find the best talent. It only increases the chance of finding the right candidate by only 2%.

5. Succumbing to the “I need someone right now” syndrome

Blindly relying on the information stated on a resume and cover letter and failing to examine a candidate’s profile holistically, increases the chances of making a bad decision. This could entail high turnover costs, depending on the industry.

6. Not being upfront

Many companies fail in their recruitment endeavours because they don’t frankly communicate several aspects of the role or business such as pay, working hours, expected workload, work conditions etc.

7. Placing too much emphasis on previous work experience

It is very common for recruiters to assume that a candidate having five years experience in a specific field makes him a good bet for the job. However, by following this approach, a recruiter may skip over some qualified candidates who are really capable and well trained to solve the company’s key problems.

8. Not ‘selling’ the company

Recruitment is a two-way process. Recruiters do seek the right candidates, but at the same time, candidates equally seek for a company with a good reputation and excellent prospects for career development. Failure to portray your company in the best light and communicating an enticing selling proposition could turn off candidates and compel them to look elsewhere.

9. Making Assumptions about a client’s type, based on past hires

Just because a certain demographic or type of candidate worked with a particular client, doesn’t mean you have to repeat the same strategy for the next available spot. Recruiters often have preconceived ideas about who they believe their client will hire, and rarely dare to send along someone with different skills and perspectives.

10. Becoming too robotic

When a recruiter establishes a certain routine with how he conducts work, and deal with the pain-staking hiring process, he might end up becoming too robotic with his work. This approach could prevent him from appreciating the individual qualities and special attributes of each candidate, as well as run the risk of failing to treat each applicant with due diligence.

All in all, these are ten of the most cited things unsuccessful recruiters constantly do. We hope that your application will not fall into the hands of a recruiter who commits any of these mistakes…


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