10 Things You Did Not Know About Bill Gates


Bill Gates is the grand computer overlord. The software he created many techno-millennia ago (or 30 human years) has dominated the personal computer market since. This is the computer warlord, extravagant ruler of computa-land, this super-brained member of the carbon biosphere is much more than the eyes reveal. These are 10 things you didn’t know about Lord Microsoft, Bill Gates.

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1. 72 Billion

No, I am not counting the stars in the sky or grains of sand on a beach. 72 Billion is Bill Gate’s current net worth in American dollars.

2. His Poor Kids!

Being the heartless, techno-pluralist he is, Bill Gates will only give 10 million dollars to each of his children, giving what remains of the monstrous 72 billion to charity.

3. 28 Billion

No, I’m not counting the Game of Thrones fans or people that lost their minds when the author killed off their favorite character, but the amount of money Mr. Gates has donated to charity to this point.

4. He’s drank poop-water

Well technically its purified poop-water from an apparatus the techno-mogul has sponsored to help give people accessibility to clean water.

5. He owns Codex Hammer

Yes, Mr. Gates is the proud owner of one of history’s most impressive minds, Leonardo Da Vinci. He specifically owns the Codex Hammer which is the most famous of the great mind’s writings.

6. His House is named Xanadu 2.0

This comes from Orson Welles’ character’s home, Charles Foster Kane, from the movie Citizen Kane.  It’s also built into the side of a hill, boasts temperature monitoring of guests and residents (to optimize climate control) and a sound system. Oh, that sound system works underwater in the 60 ft. pool.

7. He wrote a program in High School to get classes with the Hawtees

Once the school realized Gate’s predilection for code, they commissioned him to write a program for student class scheduling. He of course added a feature to the program that would place him in the classes with the most girls.

8. He flew coach even when he was a billionaire

Gates flew coach for a very long time well after he hit the 38 billion dollar net worth. He only stopped when he bought his own plane.

9. He has the same IQ as Einstein

Yup, tipping the scales at around 160, Mr. Gates is just as smart as the man that has become a colloquialism for genius. No sh*t Einstein.

10. You probably already know this one

Bill and Melinda Gates are prolific philanthropists, it is estimated that their efforts through vaccination and medical provision have saved upwards of 6 Million people. Their efforts include: research for infectious disease diagnosis in limited resource settings, solutions for the accessibility of clean water in developing countries and is currently the largest private charitable foundation in the world.

Are there any other esoteric tidbits regarding the Sultan of Software that I forgot to include? Let me know in the comment section below!